What Typography Can Say About Your Business

If you’re looking to create a powerful brand, you’ll need to consider many things, such as your website’s tone of voice and style of content. But another crucial element, which often works on a subconscious level, is the selection of typeface you use for your online copywriting.

Get it wrong, and you may find that you’re not getting your message to the right people. But get it right, and your customers will love and trust whatever it is you’re selling.

This blog from SEO company Warrington will give you an introduction to typefaces and make you think about the best kind for your company. We will focus our attention on the two main areas of Sans Serif and Serif.

What Is Sans Serif?

Firstly, here’s a definition from web design company Warrington: Sans Serif is a typeface that doesn’t contain embellishments, or serifs, on the letters. “Sans” means “without” and “serif” is defined as “any of the short lines stemming from and at an angle to the upper and lower ends of the strokes of a letter”.

The following typefaces are all Sans Serif…

  • Helvetica
  • Avant-Garde
  • Arial
  • Geneva.

And here are some companies that brand their names with Sans Serif typefaces: Panasonic (Helvetica); Adidas (Avant Garde Gothic) and Toyota (Avenir).

All these typefaces are popular because they’re easy to read and have a crisp, modern look.

What Is Serif?

Here’s another definition from SEO company Warrington: Serif is a typeface that does contain embellishments in the letters, so that means a small line is attached to the end of each stroke within a letter.

The following are all popular Serif typefaces:

  • Times Roman
  • Courier
  • New Century Schoolbook
  • Palatino

Here are some companies that brand their names with Serif typefaces: Gucci (Granjon Roman), Time magazine (Garamond), Honda (customised by similar to Honda font).

On a subliminal level, these typefaces convey trustworthiness and authority. They are often perceived as being more formal than other choices.

Which Is Better?

Here at web design company Warrington we’ve noticed that there’s much debate revolving around the question of which is more effective, sans-serif or serif?

If you Google that question, you may find that some sources that sans serif fonts are more difficult to read. But others say there’s no real evidence to come to this conclusion. So really, it comes down to a matter of taste and instinct to decide what is right for your own company.

As a little aside, it’s interesting to note that in 2015 Google rebranded itself and changed from a Serif font to a Sans Serif one. If you’ve got a moment, do an online search for “Google’s old logo” and you find its old Serif font. As an exercise, it’s interesting to put the two logos next to one another to see which you prefer.

Script Typefaces

There’s a lot more we could say about typography, here at SEO company Warrington. But this blog is a basic introduction. Before we finish, however, it’s worth mentioning that there has been an increase in popularity with Script typefaces, which resemble elegant and graceful handwriting. Again, they exude trustworthiness and style. And a few examples of this typeface are Coronet, Edwardian Script and French Script.

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