What your font and typeface says about your brand

What Your Typeface Says About Your Brand

The typeface you choose for your websites can say a lot about your business. It also gives your brand its unique identity.

According to professional web developers in St Helens, you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors, try to stay away from default fonts. Instead, create a unique and strong typeface that represents your brand’s personality and values.

In this short article, we’ll show you how different fonts inhibit distinctive qualities and how you can use them to convey your identity to your readers.


A lot of people feel that serif typeface has a traditional and classic look to it. They can be a great choice for you if you want to give your brand a high end or an editorial look. Most designer brands and fashion magazines also go for this typeface because of its elegance and sense of authority. 

Serif can be a great option for anyone who wants their brand to look professional and trustworthy.

Sans Serif

Sans Serif is a typeface that is popular for its clean and sleek design. It has a modern feel to it, making it a great choice for businesses that want a contemporary design.

Sans Serif is quite different from Serif despite their similarities in name and in design. In fact, they usually have an opposite effect on your readers. While Serif is perfect for professional and classy businesses, Sans Serif is more suitable for progressive businesses that are creative and innovative.

For websites that want a simple and fluid design, San Serif can be a great pick. It gives off a vibe of calmness and peace.


The typewriter font is somewhat quirky and is usually associated with vintage and rustic vibe. However, it is worth noting that this design can feel outdated very quickly. So if you’re planning to add this font to your design, you’ll probably want to avoid using it as your website’s forefront. 

We recommend using it as an accent font, which you can alter whenever you like or when it starts to feel a little outdated.

You can use this font if you want to design your website in a way that it looks approachable and welcoming. Visitors will feel more comfortable when they come to your website and see this design.


Scriptina is one of those fonts that can make your brand look very energetic. One great thing about this font is that it has multiple styles which you can customize based on your unique needs. For example, you can use a handwritten style to add punch to your website. But if you want something feminine that can appeal to the women population, you can make use of cursive lettering.


There are a couple of things you should remember while choosing a typeface to represent your brand. First, you need to understand the impact your typography can have on your visitors. So choose something that is powerful and also resonates to the tone of your company’s personality. 

Next, you’ll have to remember not to go too overboard. One of the most common mistakes that brands do is choosing a typeface that is too complicated for readers to understand. This negatively impacts the readability and will affect your brand.