Which Website Builder Should You Choose?

Which Website Builder Should You Choose?

Starting a website by yourself without a developer can be a struggle. But with the help of website building tools or website builders, it is now easy for you to create a website on your own without needlessly hiring a developer, although the best option is always to go to a digital agency for the best web design London can offer.

Then comes the question as to which website builder will be the best for you. Many website builders are out in the market, but it is often difficult for starters to find the most suitable website builder. Here, we will help you find some of the finest website builders you can use with a comparison between them.

What Criteria We Have Based The Website Builder Review

While looking for a website builder, it is essential to consider what it is that you need. What features you want your website to have, and what are your objectives for your website. We have also reviewed some website builders based upon some specific criteria. We have taken into consideration that the website builder is easy to use to make it suitable for starters. 

Another criterion we have covered is the website builder’s price, how cost-efficient it is, compared to the value of the price it comes with. We have looked into what features the website builders have to offer and the availability of customer service. Most people fail to consider the ownership of data to make sure you keep your data for yourself.

Here’s a walkthrough of some website builders that have proven to be some of the best among the others.


In terms of popularity, WordPress.org boasts of being the best. It is known for its easy to use and powerful features and its scalability. WordPress, starting from thousands of high-quality themes to getting access to more than 57,000 free plugins, also consists of dozens of fully translated languages and features excellent SEO tools.


Created by HostGator, Gator is one of the best Website builders out there in the market with an all in one website hosting, making it suitable for small business. It is easy to use and has more than 200 website design templates. Being a paid plan, Gator doesn’t pop up any ads or sell your data.


BigCommerce is the most suitable website builder for creating an online business with scaling and margins to keep you on your business track. It is fast and secure regardless of the traffic. BigCommerce is associated with well-known payment gateways with no transaction charges.


With an easy to use functionality, Weebly features dozens of website designs. It also comes with in-built support for eCommerce, allowing you to create an online store. It is one of the best among the other website builders for starters.


If you’re looking for a simple and easy to use yet professional, GoDaddy website builder is a suitable tool. It also works on smaller screens that you can use on your mobile phone without laptops or computers.

With a careful assessment of multiple website builders, the ones mentioned are some of the best available in the market. A few more website builders worthy of mentioning website builders in no particular order are; Domain, Squarespace, Constant Contact, Wix, Dreamhost, Shopify, WordPress.com. These are also great website builders that are popularly used and great to work with.