Whisky Collectables

Whisky Collectables New Website

Blue Whale Media recently came up with a brand-new website redesign for Whisky Collectables, an online store featuring premium brands of whisky from famed Scottish distilleries.

The earlier website for the client was also designed by us. Evolving customer needs and a growing business made redesign an apt and timely solution.

With more visual elements and interesting visitor-oriented features, the website realises client’s vision to deliver an outstanding user experience. The client is very happy with the results.

Mobile-Friendly Design

At Blue Whale Media, mobile compatibility is part of our standard website design. This progressive feature enables client to tap into its mobile device and smartphone-based audiences.

This feature is a must for greater brand awareness, more reach to targeted audience and increased conversions.

A Highly Visual Design

The new website is more visual in content. Beautiful custom images of premium brand whiskies capture visitor attention immediately. Delightful scenic images of the countryside in the background appeal to whisky lovers’ passion for classiest whiskies from beautiful Scottish terrains.

Secure and Efficient Online Store

Product listings are fuss-free and clear. The entire process of checking out is simple, easy and efficient. The store is backed by highly secure technologies to ensure safety of visitors’ sensitive information.

Conveniently-Placed Search Feature

A search bar appears right on the top of the homepage within visitors’ eye-view. This positioning saves time for visitors who want to place an order, or get details about, a specific whisky.

This feature enhances user experience, enabling them to take required action, fast.

Social Media Integration

There is a link to client’s Facebook page, which displays live feeds related to the brand. This is a great way to give more information on current happenings of interest to visitors. It also leads to positive user engagement.

There is also a link to the blog section with latest posts on display.

Featured Products

This feature makes product selection easier and faster. Products are featured based on brand and whisky type. There is also a distillery-based selection feature displayed in the menu header on every webpage.

A special feature appears for products that are soon to be launched on the online store.

User-Oriented Utilities

These include features such as currency converter, product review form and newsletter subscription alerts, all included to provide timely and accurate information to visitors.

Whisky Proverbs

Delivering a lighter moment to visitors are the fun and profound auto-scrolling proverbs on the homepage.

Delivering simple and high-performing websites has always been our specialty. Looking for ideas? Try us this time. You’ll not be disappointed.

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