Who is Danielle Whittaker?

I am currently Office Manager at Blue Whale Media dealing with clients, staff and admin. I joined the company in February 2016 after a position for account manager came available. I have always been interested in IT, so as soon as I saw that Blue Whale Media were hiring I had to apply.

Why I joined Blue Whale Media

I Joined Blue Whale Media as Stephanie was moving into doing more of the web designs as the business started to grow. She was however also doing all the admin and account managing for the business as well. As the business was growing she didn’t have time to do everything that was needed to be done. They were therefore looking for someone to come in and take over the day to day admin and account managing duties which was perfect for what I was looking to do as a career.

What I had to do

Being an account manager at Blue Whale Media came with varied tasks. On a weekly basis, I had to contact every client we were in the process of information gathering for their websites and chase up everything that was outstanding. This was followed up with a phone call to those clients to confirm if they needed any help or further assistance.

We regularly get new clients sign up and I was first point of contact for the clients. I would set up a Dropbox for them, send out our welcome email which contains all the documents that need to be complete for their project to be moved forwards.

As Blue Whale was growing we decided to reconfigure Dropbox and lay it out in a way that staff could understand and use easily. We also did the same to our internal system and found a way that worked well within the team to ensure all tasks could be found and completed with ease.

As I adapted into the roll I also started doing the accounts monthly to make sure these were up to date and stored in a safe place. As a paperless office I would also complete all the scanning. On a daily basis shredding would need to be done so no information was stored insecurely in the office.

How The Job Evolved

After being with Blue Whale Media a year I was promoted to office manager. This includes training and managing staff within the business. I still deal with customers and the account manging but now I also do some web design on clients, uploading products, images, text amended etc. I have been able to do this due to the ongoing training provided. I am the first point of contact for any phone calls that come in and take messages or pass clients through to the correct member of staff. Thanks to Blue Whale Media I have completed and are now a qualified in First Aider and Fire Marshall. This has also allowed me to take on these duties within the office. I am also currently doing a level Three Team Leader qualification which I am due to pass in March with the view of continuing on to level 5.

What I Like

Working at Blue Whale Media we deal with a variety of companies that want websites building. We have a vast array of industries which means that no website ever turns out the same and it great to see the information go from words on a document to a physical website or design. This also makes each new client different when I am collecting their information as everyone has a different style or required outcome for their website which is interesting. I like getting to know new clients and gaining their trust and growing a bond with them throughout the build process and into further marketing relations we have with them. The best part is watching them start with just an idea and see how they get excited watching their, brand new website grow and their brand develop.

What I Dislike

When new clients sign up to have a website built they don’t understand how much work goes into gathering all the information. This can be from collecting all the images to the content that is required for every page they are having. Sometimes this part of the process can take a which then drags out a build. This makes it harder for us to build the site as jumping from products can distract our minds from the actual outcome they were looking for. It all comes back to us but it does make the build process slightly harder.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned as I will be writing you a blog every week. 🙂 

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