Why Is Content Writing So Important For SEO?

It is impossible to talk about SEO without mentioning the importance of content writing. It is correct to state that SEO starts and ends with content writing. For you rank higher in Google you need to create high-quality content. Web Design Warrington advises all website owners who want to rank better than their competitors to produce engaging, interesting and educative content for their readers.

SEO demands keywords

A page is said to rank high on Google if it is able to outdo other sites on a specific keyword. For instance if you type ’’how to pass a drug test’’ the page that ranks first has great SEO. Keywords can only be found in written content. Thus you agree with Web Design Warrington that you cannot separate SEO from content writing.

Enhances social validation

If you want to obtain social validation in any online platform you need to produce high quality and engaging content. You need to build the image of your brand through written words. If people find that your content is interesting, educative and delivers value, they will share your links across all social platforms.

Backlinks can only be achieved with good content

Backlinking is when other blogs or sites link their pages to yours. Backlinking is one of the best ways to optimize your web page. However, if your site does not have any written content it is impossible for any site to backlink to it. If you want your web page to rank better and gain more traffic invest on quality content. Websites and blogs look for quality content that is credible that they can link with their pages.

Websites and links are ranked based on content

Google scrutinizes the quality of your content and proper use of keywords to rank websites and links. If you want to stand out of the thousands of webpages it is essential to write content surrounding your area of expertise. Additionally, you can tap trending news and write content about them. Web Design Warrington can assist you in ensuring that you deliver the right content that can grab the attention of the consumers and help you increase conversion rates.

It helps Google understand your content’s helpfulness

In the past running a website was enough to gain recognition. However, today you need to deliver content that is useful to the consumers. Google uses Seach Task Accomplishment to determine whether your content is helping the readers. If your content is adding value to the lives of the consumers then your web page will rank better. If not the ranking on your web page will deteriorate.


The need of content writing in SEO is undebatable. Every website requires quality content to rank better in Google. However, it is important to deliver content closely related to your topic. For better results ensure you produce quality content that is captivating and educative. Web Design Warrington are experts in ensuring that they give you tailored solutions about SEO strategies.

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