Why does having internal staff help our customers as opposed to outsourcing?

We all sometimes wonder why it is better to have internal staff as a pose to outsource our client’s work. At Blue Whale Media Ltd we pride ourselves on the fact that 95% of all the work we undertake is done on-site at our corporate offices in Birchwood, Warrington.

Why is Blue Whale Media Ltd having in-house team different?

Why do I mention this, well mainly because in the world of web design that is a rarity. The benefits of our job are that we can undertake them anywhere on the plant (well not anywhere…… we need an Internet connection) but I think you know what I’m getting at. But with that comes the fact that most agencies will outsource their work to cheaper labour countries such as India. But that doesn’t happen at Blue Whale Media Ltd. With the growth of the company has come to the growth of the departments and now we are proud to say that we have a minimum of two specialists in every sector.

Why is this a good thing you may ask

To put it simply there are many ways this helps the team at Blue Whale Media Ltd and means that our customers are getting a better service than ever before. The first is cover. The more clients we take on, the more work we have to complete. This is great but also means that we have less free time. In the past when staff are due on annual leave, we were able to prepare in advance and ensure that all work was completed before the holiday to ensure that a client’s project was not affected.

What are the other benefits?

Having a few members in each team allows them to collaborate, review and bounced ideas off each other. Collaboration is one of Blue Whale Media Ltd’s strengths. With an open plan office, every member of our teams is available to each other to review completed work, develop idea’s and help problem solves. This not only great for our client but can also speed up our services to ensure we can keep our prices affordable for our clients. It also allows our clients to have direct contact with specialists in the industry. This means that you get a one on one phone consultation with a qualified Graphic Designer about your company’s new logo or the same with our fantastic team of writers for your websites new content. This ensures we can deliver an accurate product to our clients as they are included in the development process.

How does this help the company develop?

Having more members of the team allows us breathing space to train. Every member of the team at Blue Whale Media Ltd is undertaking continued training. This means that we are consistently up to date with the latest trends, updates, and technologies available to each sector of the business. It’s a great benefit for our clients as we cannot only suggest new options to our client’s, but we can also be ahead of the rest with upcoming developments with our technology or marketing platforms. To give an example, we were preparing for the latest GDPR release in December last year, while some of our competitors weren’t even looking at what they needed to do until one month before! This allowed us to assist our clients in ensuring that all their bases were covered well in advance of the new laws coming into force.

In conclusion

While outsourcing may be cheaper, it doesn’t allow an agency to give quality services to their clients. Having a diverse team allows us at Blue Whale Media Ltd to ensure that our client’s needs are dealt with professionally and effectively. This allows us to still over the same prices that we had in place seven years ago when the company was launched meaning that our clients are getting value for money. So contact the team at Blue Whale Media Ltd today on 01925 552050.

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