Why are Facebook Ads great for your business?

Social media is an advertising juggernaut and can supply your business with valuable traffic and customer engagement. You can generate leads and sales as well as building customer loyalty and support. Of all of the social media platforms, Facebook is still the king. It has the highest daily user interactions and Facebook Ads is another great element of Facebook that can be utilised to help your business. Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team have listed some of the reasons that Facebook Ads are great for business.

People spend a lot of time on social media

Facebook and social media is too big of a draw for businesses to ignore. To be successful, a great Facebook marketing strategy is a must. Over 40 million businesses already successfully advertise on their Facebook profiles. The platform has a huge, engaging daily audience, that is free! Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team always advise that it would be counterproductive to ignore Facebook’s power.

Facebook’s organic reach has diminished over the years

Business pages over the years have been less than impressed with the change in Facebook’s algorithm. The social media platform has been reducing the amount of company content and overall visibility of business pages on their followers feeds. This cut has affected online businesses and brands, and one of the ways around this is Facebook Ads.

By using Facebook Ads, you can ensure that current and new customers will see your brand stand out amongst the competition. It may seem unfair to have to factor in money to ensure that your brand is seen on social media, but the good news is that to get great results from Facebook Ads, you don’t need a big budget.

With Facebook Ads, you can be very specific and craft an ad that is perfectly tailored to represent your brand. Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team recommend that you invest time in developing your Ads to suit your needs and represent your brand rather than releasing a standard advertisement.

They can help turn leads into customers

You can tag your visitors with cookies and use this information to help you build a vision of your potential remarketing audience. This information can be useful to help you filter your audience into a narrower demographic of people that are most interested in your brand and your projects. You can begin demographic targeting to highlight the visitors to your Facebook profile that have shown the most interest and can afford to buy your product (salary demographics).

By filtering your Ads audience, your brand will see an increase in successful conversions. Simply, by ensuring that the right people see your Ad, you can guarantee more conversions. Our Facebook Marketing Warrington team are always looking for more specific and interesting ways to filter their Facebook Ads to better reflect their goals.


To conclude, Facebook Ads help your brand gain the upper hand on your competitors. It’s vital that you take the time to ensure that the best version of your business is presented to your audience, so research is key. For more information or tips from our Facebook Marketing Warrington team, please visit our website.

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