Why graphic design is important for digital marketing

Why Graphic Design Is Important For Marketing?

Believe it or not! A certain research done by Microsoft has found that human attention span has decreased to just eight seconds. This means you only have eight seconds to impress your visitors. If you fail to do so, they’re most likely to move on to something else.

On a bright note, you have graphic design, which is one of the most effective digital strategies when it comes to captivating your audience and keeping them engaged. 

Importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

No doubt, text-based advertisements are still in vogue. However, if you find the right balance between text and graphics, you can take your digital marketing strategies to the next level. In fact, according to a study made by the Content Marketing Institute, it was found that 65% of B2B marketing make use of infographics – a combination of image and text.

Below, you can find some reasons why graphic design is important in digital marketing.

Improvement in Sales

According to a study conducted by the Design Council, when businesses invest around £100 in designs, their turnover increased by £225. Now, that’s a huge profit margin!

An updated graphic design can keep your pockets full by simply focusing on visual appeal. Despite keeping your website updated, if it’s frequently crashing, a professional graphic designer may be just what you need! A graphic designer can create an up-to-date website design that is mobile-friendly and user-friendly, thereby improving your sales. 

When you offer high-quality designs, visitors can view your website as trustworthy and genuine. They are also more likely to trust the products and services you provide. You can make a good first impression on visitors through elements like a well-designed business card, a unique business logo, and a well-planned-out company profile.

If you have the budget for it, it is best to hire a local design agency to stay ahead of the competition by keeping yourself updated with the latest market trends.

Instils brand recall

Through your brand logo or image, you get to instil the perfect brand image upon your audience. Using the right design elements like icons, colours, fonts, etc., you can create a huge difference in your brand perception. When you create a unique brand identity with the help of graphic designs, customers can distinguish you from the crowd and be more familiar with your brand.

Excellent way of conveying your message

You may have heard of the classic phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And this couldn’t be truer and more relevant in the world of digital marketing. Every business has a story to share. In fact, there may be an underlying message with every product or service that you sell on your site. A graphic designer can communicate these messages to your audience in the form of pictures, illustrations, reports, and charts.

Remember, regardless of the message you want to convey, the design will get attention first, then comes the word.

Surpass languages

You’re reading this blog post because you know the English language. But what about the people who don’t? No matter what a person’s primary language is, everyone can understand and relate to images and themes. And graphic design is all about that! Graphic design allows you to reach out to a multilingual audience base.