Why hosting your Website in the correct place is important

Web hosting according to web design agency Liverpool is the storage of files and data that create websites in remote servers. The storage space is usually paid on monthly instalments or yearly. Web hosting gets your website available to the public.

There are three different types of hosting:

• Dedicated hosting: No one else has files on the server. You are the only person using the entire server. The good thing with this hosting is that the server will be faster and more secure.

• Shared hosting: Here, the files from other people’s websites are stored at the same location. This is the option that most sites use.

• Cloud hosting: This server comprises of several physical web servers. This is considered the most reliable hosting because if the cloud hosting fails, another one will replace it.
The following are reasons why hosting your website in the correct place is important.

Keeps your website available throughout

Nothing can annoy your online visitors like clicking on a link and receiving an error message due to a page failing to load. This is caused by websites being down. Having a quality web hosting like web design agency Liverpool host your site in the correct place is necessary to keep your website online day and night. Even though downtime is unavoidable, you should choose a web host with minimal downtime.

Backing up your online files

Web hosting companies such as web design agency Liverpool offer backup services, which is essential for rolling back your website if in case it has a problem. You should perform a regular backup to ensure that you are able to restore your files in case of an attack on your site by hackers.

Loading your website speedily

Your website can have high uptime, but it can be slow when loading a page. Many people can’t wait for a page to load, they will quickly move to the next site to look for whatever thing that they are searching. Your website’s loading speed depends mainly on your host, though you can also optimize your code and your content. A good web host like web design agency Liverpool usually provides services that ensure your website loads faster.

You get a customized email address

A well-customized email address is more professional. A good hosting package should provide an email address that is related to the domain name of your website. You should always check a site that has all the registered domain names since this will guide you in selecting yours. Again, this will increase your marketability compared to when you have a common email address like Yahoo or Gmail.

Secures your website

When you have poor security, the probability of your website getting infected with malware increases. Again, cybercrime is becoming popular and hackers can wreak havoc on your site by creating spam pages and fake backlinks. This kind of activities can get you blacklisted by search engines and might get you penalised.

To avoid these scenarios, a good web host like web design agency Liverpool can provide better security options, and can be able to scan and detect malware and other vulnerabilities. This can help in protecting customer information or company data.

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