Why I became a drone Pilot

From working at Blue Whale Media for the last two years I know that the company is always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. Blue Whale Media is constantly looking for new services and products that we can offer to our clients. As a Graphic Designer I never would of thought that the chance of becoming a drone pilot would be offered to me. A new idea/service that Gary and Steph wanted to introduce to the business. When offered, I was intrigued to find out more and what it entailed. As a business we saw this as a gap in the market and something Gary and Stef wanted to action as soon as possible.

What I knew about drones beforehand

To be honest, I knew very little about drones before being offered the role to become a drone pilot. Obviously I knew what the where but didn’t know a lot about how they worked within a commercial business and what the whole aspect of commercial drone flying. After the initial meeting with Gary and Stef I researched this and quickly learnt how they were used commercially. After doing some research I knew that this would be a service that would be successful within the market. I was then keen to accept the offer of becoming a drone pilot.

Why I think it will be good for Blue Whale Media

As I have said before Blue Whale Media is a company constantly thinking of new ways in which it can stand out from its competitors. Commercial drone footage is something that not many other companies are doing, especially digital Marketing companies. I also believe that we can create stunning imagery and footage for our clients.

Why I think companies should invest in drone footage

Commercial Drone footage is something that not many companies have. We all know that customer engagement is very important for a business to grow. With drone footage, the level of engagement from potential customers will be increased significantly. Drone footage can be used on websites, social media platforms, short commercial videos and many more.

Biggest Challenges

I found the biggest challenge for me was actually passing the drone course to become a CAA Licensed drone pilot. The drone course consisted of theoretical knowledge, flight planning and practical flying of the drone its self. It was broken up into three separate exams which needed a lot of time in order to pass. Although it was a big challenge, I enjoyed learning new things through the course and what it really meant to become a drone pilot. When passing the course I felt all my hard work payed off. Now I find my biggest challenges will be to create stunning drone footage for various different clients and sectors. This is a challenge I am willing and excited to do and can’t wait to get started.

Future of the drone world

I believe the future of drones is going to be a massive industry and one of which is constantly growing. There are always new advances and new technologies within the drone industry making drones more capable of capturing stunning imagery and footage.

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