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Why I Want To Work In The Digital Industry?

About me

  • I study computer science at A-level and hope to pursue a career in this industry in the future.
  • I plan on furthering my education through university to develop skills and abilities within computer science.
  • I spend my free time playing video games with my friends and reading fiction books.
  • I have previously, in school, programmed mini-projects like a website with different designs and mini search engine which uses the PageRank algorithm to search different html files.

What is it?

Essentially, the term “digital industry” links to the idea of combining business and technology. It varies from E-commerce to banking and involves numerous different skill sets, such as graphic design, marketing and coding.

Companies such as Amazon have been at the forefront of E-commerce and making the transition from being a bookstore to now one of the world’s largest companies.

However, some companies would focus more on technologies like cloud computing, machine learning and data analytics.

Any fusion between technology and business falls within this sector making it one of the largest, rapidly growing sectors in the world.

Jobs in the industry

Jobs in this industry vary drastically. There will be a role for almost everyone within this industry.

They vary from:

  • Technical roles – where they will be tasked with implementing different technologies, i.e. Software developer
  • Business roles – where they will focus more on the commercial aspects of the business, i.e. Project manager
  • Creative roles – where they will be focused on the creative content, i.e. Graphics artist.

Obviously with a wide variety of jobs, there will be a wide range of skill sets required which is why this industry is orientated around collaboration and teamwork.

Why choose a career in this industry?

With many businesses moving towards a more tech-based infrastructure, there has been an increasing demand for people in this sector. This makes a career in this field stable as it is rapidly growing and does not seem it would stop for a while. The skills gained in this industry would be transferable to other industries giving you a solid foundation for future careers.

Furthermore, the salary can vary depending on your role and company. On average a Digital assistants annual salary can vary from £20,000 to £26,500 whilst a Project Manager could be earning anywhere from £44,500 to £80,00 on average annually.

Therefore a career with the digital industry would not only be stable but also rewarding.


To conclude, the careers within this industry span across numerous different skill sets and so require different people resulting in a wide variety of jobs for you to work in.

The main reason I want to work in this industry is because it allows me to improve my teamwork skills and become used to collaborating with different people. It will also allow me to pursue my passion for programming as the services this field can offer span from providing software to handling databases, managing cloud services and helping set up company websites.

The variety of jobs which can be pursued in this career, leaves little room for boredom as there will always be something for you in this industry.


By Tanay Patel