Why I want to work in the Graphic Design Industry?

Why I want to work in the Graphic Design Industry?

I have always loved art and it has played a large part in my life. I love to create, no matter what the medium or theme and coming up with all sorts of different things that express who I am as a person and the things that are important to me.

Art and design has been my source of comfort for as long as I can remember and being able to work in the area is such a great feeling. I want to help make people’s artistic vision come to life and provide them with their ideal image for their brand as helping people is also another thing that means a lot to me.

Things I want to learn in the industry

I believe that your individuality is one of the most important qualities a person can possess, therefore I will aim to produce original and unique work, including things like logos for brands, website design, posters, billboards, and packaging designs.

As every brand is individual and unique, for that reason, it should have its own distinctive design and style that is bespoke and of high quality that reflects on the brand itself and the ethos of the company.

It should be about the client and what they want their brand to be, so it will be my job to listen and provide the client’s needs to an excellent quality with no room for error.

In my spare time

I love learning new skills, so I’m always trying out different hobbies. Anything creative is right up my alley so if I’m not breaking in a new sketchbook, I enjoy knitting, crocheting or skateboarding with my friends. Music is also very important in my life, so I spend most of my time listening to music, from 60s classic rock to contemporary music. I also enjoy learning new instruments, like piano, ukulele or guitar.

When it comes to art and design, fine art is my speciality. I love drawing people in all kinds of different art styles and mediums. For example, paint, pencil or digitally on my iPad. I’m really interested in Japanese style cartoons and I love the way they are drawn.

Overall, I have a wide range of interests and love trying new things and experiences.

My experience

During my time at Carmel college from September 2019- May 2021, I gained a lot of artistic experience and passed with a distinction for the UAL Art and Design Level 3 Diploma. Not only did the course come with a lot of responsibilities like, time management, documentation, planning and the production of high-quality work from 3 separate units of work, but I had to do all this during the outbreak of COVID-19, which no one in any year before had to deal with. With this, I had to quickly adapt to the change in routine and juggle all my college work at home. Not only was this hard alone, but I was extremely disadvantaged as I did not have access to college facilities that I normally would. Therefore, I had to improvise and use what I had at hand.

Despite the struggle, I think that the experience I had, shaped me and helped me become a more driven and hardworking person, who can quickly adapt and adjust to obstacles that I am presented with.

I think I have an eye for aesthetics, which is one of my strengths. I try to ensure that all my work is of high quality and is well presented.   

My Achievements

My highest achievement would have to be my level 3 distinction in art and design that I received at the end of my 2-year course at Carmel College. As well as this, I also received an A* and the highest mark in my GCSE art and design. I feel like art is where I excel at, and my qualifications are to show for this.

One of my many tasks in college was to organise an online art exhibition alongside my peers. We had to determine who was responsible for what tasks, such as key researcher, who designed the layout for the entire exhibition, poster and logo design. I also was tasked with designing my own brand.

This involved brainstorming different designs for my logo as well as products for my brand that I designed in Photoshop. I also storyboarded an advert for my brand that I animated using Adobe Premier. I learnt a lot about branding during this process and got some experience of what the job entails.


I am very excited for this opportunity and look forward to growing as a designer as well as a person in the working world. I am a keen learner and thrive in the working environment. It’s also a bonus that I can work in a field I am very passionate in and have always wanted to be a part of. I will aim to achieve my potential and will make sure I always try my best to make sure I provide great quality work for Blue Whale Media.

I look forward to heightening my skills to the best of my ability and helping people achieve their dream brand design.