Why is PR important to businesses?

Why is PR important to businesses? 

In one way or another, every single organisation in the world relies on its reputation for success. PR is all about building and managing those reputations and as such, it’s always important to businesses. PR or Public Relations is all about creating relationships and storytelling to expand your brand’s influence in your industry and community. 

Some of us tend to think that PR is only for large-national brands that have huge marketing budgets. On the contrary, PR is even more essential for small businesses to grow. Some perceive public relations and marketing as the same thing. When you throw advertising into the mix, there can be a lot of confusion. 

At Blue Whale Media, over the past two years, we’ve been working on our PR strategy and how it will help our business to grow. Here’s what our content and marketing team have learned about PR:

Positive media attention 

Consistent, positive media attention has the power to transform companies. By keeping the press informed about your brand, services and products will generate outstanding exposure opportunities. Investing in PR can help increase your company’s authority, build relationships with key audiences, and ultimately take your business to the next level. 

Helps manage reputation 

PR helps to manage reputation; trusted media connections are perfect for helping with business reputation management. For example, you will confront appalling situations like advertising gone wrong or unsatisfied customers taking to social media within your business journey. In times like these, media connections and a PR strategy can help you repair the damage through a statement or simple press release. 

PR boosts brand visibility

Unlike traditional media such as newspapers or magazines, online media doesn’t have a shelf life. Any PR content like news articles and press releases you create can gain more value as it lives on. Sharing timely and relevant news stories on PR channels will keep your business high in search engine rankings and bring more customers knocking on your door.

Crisis Management 

A good PR plan isn’t just about generating positive news coverage about your company; even the best businesses will have to face a PR crisis at some point. Having a tight plan in place before disaster strikes can help save valuable time and limit potential damage in the event of a crisis. A solid PR strategy will help formulate and communicate the best response and position for your business and the best possible outcome in any given situation. 

PR is a promising field of activity with specific technology and multifaceted platforms. A well-thought-out PR strategy creates a positive image for a long time and ensures stable company success. Maintaining goodwill is an essential part of how PR affects a business success because, at that time, the negativity of a company’s value may decrease if the PR strategy and internal communication should stay intact. 

At Blue Whale Media, we have had a few years to look at a PR strategy for our own company, and we’re also offering it out to our customers. This is in the form of press release creation and distribution to local papers, magazine and PR outlets online. Get in touch with us for more information.