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Why Microsites are Good for Business

Microsites are smaller than the main websites of a business, and are built to focus on a specific business segment. This segment could be a new product/service, an existing product line, or a marketing campaign. In addition to promoting the specific business segment, microsites offer branding and SEO benefits.

Microsites need to be built with the same meticulous attention as your main website. A professional Chester web design company can help you derive the real value of a microsite with a bespoke design and content strategy.

Meanwhile, here are some key business benefits of having microsites.

Specific Information

Having a microsite enables you to focus entirely on a specific product or product line, service or campaign. Your targeted audience will have a dedicated website with all the information they are looking for about the subject. This translates into increased awareness regarding the product, service or campaign.

Wider Audience Reach

When you promote a specific product, service or campaign with just an additional webpage on your main website, you are limiting information and thereby the chances of better ranking. With its highly focused information, a microsite has greater chances of getting ranked on search engines for relevant search terms.

Search engines are increasingly favouring websites that are able to deliver fantastic user experience on mobile devices. So, your microsite will score a point if it is responsive.

A Chester web design service specialising in microsites can improve your ranking, visibility and reach, further, with a responsive design – a design that makes your website adjust automatically to the device on which it is being viewed.

Brand Visibility

With a microsite, you are not just promoting your specific product, service or campaign, but your brand as well. The greater the reach of your microsite the greater will the reach of your brand.

With a microsite, it becomes possible to deliver in-depth information about a specific subject, which is exactly what search engines need. There are greater chances for your microsite, and thus your brand, to gain recognition from search engines as an authority on the specific subject.

A microsite can be a great addition to your location-specific targeting strategies. With a microsite dedicated to each of your local business units, you can achieve better ranking for local searches.

Building a microsite solely for improving rankings and brand visibility without focus on good content does not serve the purpose. Hire a reliable Chester web design service to be guided in the right direction to achieve desired results.

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