Why You Need Responsive Web Design

With the sky high rise in the use of smartphones and tablets, users are now accessing the internet, mostly with mobile devices. Using a mobile device provides higher convenience and ease than a desktop computer would. And this is why it has become essential to develop a website that is more mobile friendly.

Every business website, including our own SEO Liverpool clients, are now focused on

building a responsive website design since it will improve the way a website looks on both small and large screens. And thus, if a website can smoothly run on all devices, then it will result in visitors spending more time on your site.

The Need For Responsive Web Design

A responsive site basically is a website design that lets your website adapt to the screen of any size it is being used on. A website with a responsive design improves the user’s experience and also benefits your website big time. So, let us look at the several advantages of responsive web design and thereby understand the need to create a responsive web design.

More Mobile Traffic

The report suggested that more than half of the entire web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore it has become highly necessary for businesses to build a website that can render on smaller screens and give users great versatility.

Lower Cost And Easier Website Maintenance

Designing a responsive website that is ready for any devices surely costs you less than to have two separate versions of one site. Also, when it comes to maintenance, a responsive website requires very little time and effort.

Improve User Experience

This is one of the most significant reasons why it is crucial for business or website owners to have a responsive website. Your first goal while creating a website is to target the users, and you want the users to have a comfortable and smooth experience with your website and want them to revisit your site. With a responsive site, even when the web is viewed via mobile devices, users can clearly and quickly view the content without having to zoom or scroll unnecessarily. Thus, giving the visitors a very positive impression on your website.

Improves SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google and other search engines prefer websites with responsive design. And this is because sites with responsive versions have the same HTML with one URL; this means that it lets google efficiently crawl and organise content with a single URL.

Also, the website’s responsiveness can result in a considerable push in search engine ranking.


We are well aware that the use of mobile devices is rapidly increasing and that the future is mobile. So it has become essential for every business and website owner to make a responsive design website to ensure better user experience and reduce the bounce rate.

Therefore to make sure that your website reaches the industry standard and also to make sure that your website design is perfect, get in touch with Blue Whale Media and enjoy a high level quality service.