Why Print Designs Can Help A Business’s Marketing

If you run an online business, you may be under the impression that print designs are not too important to your company’s marketing strategy. Depending the type of work you do, that may be true. But in all likelihood, you could be making a mistake if you ignore the benefits offered by traditional printing techniques.

In this blog from our web design Wilmslow agency we’ll look at the role print designs can play in your overall marketing plans. But first we’d like to provide a bit of background by explaining two important marketing terms: outbound marketing and inbound marketing.

What Is Outbound Marketing?

This type of marketing is where you overtly get an advertising message “out” to your customer. Outbound marketing is evident in traditional adverts on the TV or radio; flyers; cold-calling and direct mail. Usually, with outbound marketing it’s immediately obvious to the customer that they’re receiving a sales pitch. It’s clear what your service is, and how it can benefit the customer.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Here at our Wilmslow web design agency, we know that inbound marketing is a more subtle approach to communicating what you’re about and what you can offer the customer. It’s about drawing the customer “in” by providing them with quality content, helpful information and expert advice. So this can be can be covered in your social media; SEO; blogs; podcasts; newsletters; whitepapers and ebooks, for instance.

What Your Stationary Says About You?

In terms of a marketing strategy, both outbound and inbound marketing should work together to provide a consistent brand. So, let’s take the example of your stationary, for instance. By this, we mean your business cards and letterheads. In essence, it’s important that these materials reflect your brand in the same way as your website, for instance.

At our web design Wilmslow agency, we think that printed designs like this should carry the same logo as your website, and have the same typeface. Really, it’s common sense that this type of consistency makes you look professional and creates a strong sense of loyalty and coherence with your staff and your clients.

How Else Can Print Designs Help?

You can have bigger ambitions for print designs, however. Although they’re mostly seen as being part of your outbound marketing strategy, print designs can also be used to blur the lines between outbound and inbound marketing. If you print your own magazine, for instance, this can be seen as a great way to build your brand, while also providing your reader with helpful or entertaining information relating to your specialised area.

Here at our Wilmslow web design agency, we think the magazine provided by ASOS, the online fashion retailer, is a good example. It’s a free magazine sent out to loyal customers and it features interviews with celebrities discussing their careers as well as choices in fashion. It benefits the company in numerous ways. Apart from being appreciated by the customers, some of its stories, and fashion shoots, also get featured in the mainstream national press.

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