Why should you invest in an animated logo?

A logo is a symbol which is used as a graphical identification of a business to the general public. It can be a set of words, abbreviations or a well-designed illustration which is unique and suits the needs of the business. Animated logos have in the recent past become a new trend with quite a number of business adopting these emblems because of the benefits which they come with owing to their dynamic capabilities. These logos, have well-designed motions depending on the message which the symbol is supposed to pass to the intended consumers, can capture the attention of people as opposed to their static counterparts. Animation Warrington believes this capability to be catchy among consumers, may play a huge role in the conversion of potential customers to your business.

There are different techniques and processes used in making desired motions which Animation Warrington uses to come up with skillfully animated works. A few methods used include; 2D animation, digital 3D technique, puppetry animation among other ways which the business thinks will be well suited to meet their requirements.

Benefits of using an animated logo

They have the ability to hold the attention of potential customers. Over the past few years’ consumers have been seen to move more towards brands that associate themselves with explainer videos online. Animation Warrington confirms that these videos help in improvement of conversion rates and animated logo would be a very huge added advantage to make the business catchy and attract more customers.

Promote the growth of brand awareness- animated logos are easier to remember and recognise as opposed to the other ordinary static logos. It may take a long time and repeated interaction with static logos for a consumer to get used to them, while animated logos will instantaneously imprint themselves on the mind of consumers due to their dynamic nature.

Animated logos tell a story about the business – coupled with well thought out short videos about the business animated logos help to supplement to the brands overall narrative. According to Animation Warrington, this narrative driven by the logos will appeal to the client’s emotional connection to the business which would directly improve the sales of the business.

Animated logos can be used as a marketing tool for your business. The logo apart from being the face of the business can show the competence and experiences of the business that a static emblem is unable to bring forth. This function will build some level of confidence within your customer base and help in the conversion of new clients to embrace your brand.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the consumptions of online videos in the various social media platforms, which shows the shift in the use of audiovisual information online rather than on the television sets. Animation Warrington has found out that the adoption of animated logos assures the consumers that the brand is committed to change with the new times and distinguishes it from other retrogressive brands which may be a cutting edge advantage for the growth of the brand.

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