Why you should use animated explainer videos

Video animation is a technique in which still images are somehow manipulated to look like moving pictures. Today animation is widely done by computer programs in which images with very minimal differences from each other are run in sequence to create the desired motion picture. For the olden days, however, Service Video Production Warrington confirms that where it was necessary for images to be drawn on transparent sheets and sequentially displayed as the film to create the desired motion of the different characters. Animated explainer videos are wells scripted videos of different characters who play a crucial part in place of humans, to be able to introduce the business, and explicitly give detailed descriptions of products offered with demonstrations of how they work to inspire interest in new customers.

Benefits of including animated explainer videos in your marketing strategy

Animated videos are shorts precise and a fun way of passing the intended message to potential customers. People today are more likely to understand and process audiovisual information better compared to texts. Animated videos will pass the intended message as well as be easily remembered by individuals for future reference.

With animated explainer videos, Service Video Production Warrington is confident of increased conversion rates. These videos provide information to potential customers in an informative and straightforward manner which engages the potential customer and is likely to increase conversion rates by up to 20%.

Increase your search engine visibility. Animated explainer videos if captivating, engaging and informative enough will see internet users spend more time in your web pages which will help boost your ranking in the search engine making your business easily accessible to potential customers.

After conducting some research Service Video Production Warrington concluded that animated explainer videos also play a significant role in the building of the business’s brand. Customization of the animation characters’ based on the target audience age or look will help in the creation of an emotional bond which will result in the building of brand awareness among the consumers ensuring the growth of the business.

Post-production function- it easier make changes in a final animated explainer video before release if you feel it does not fit the business ideology compared to live actioned explainer videos. The production of these videos is also comparatively less costly a function that’s is very important to consider especially in a business setup.

Basic steps of making an animated explainer video

    • Research

It is necessary to partake small research to determine exactly the target audience which you will be addressing, business idea you want to pass and the marketing goals which you have in mind.

    • Script

According to Service Video Production Warrington, the precision of the script, ability to maintain the target audience attention throughout the video should be on point to communicate precisely what the business wants within the shortest time possible.

    • Storyboard and voice over

This function defines the visual features and story of the animation video while the voice over is the selected voice to narrate the story in a way that would connect to the target audience and make them feel comfortable toward the product

    • Illustration and animation

This stage involves the drawing of all the characters that will be used in the video and with the guide of the story and voice over the animation experts are then allowed to put the pictures to actual motion.

    • Music and Sound Effects

This is the final stage; however, Service Video Production Warrington believes it is the most important. It involves the adjustment of the sound over recording and the background music which is to play during the running of the video.

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