Why Should an Agency switch to Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook has implemented a way for agencies to access a client’s Page, without the need for personal accounts to be linked as administrators. As Facebook themselves define the feature:

Business Manager serves as a one-stop-shop to manage business tools, business assets, and employee access to these assets.”

Why Should an Agency switch to Facebook Business Manager?


By using the manager, an agency gets unrestricted access to Pages via the Business Manager. In doing so, you’re able to post to different accounts, customize each individual business page, as well as having the ability to link to third-party applications.

This results in being a benefit for both clients and agencies. The client’s social media pages are protected from other employees who may misuse the Business’s Page and the employees of the organization are able to have their work and personal Pages completely separate from one another.


Ad Accounts

In addition to Business Pages, Facebook’s Manager also allows an agency to manage ad-accounts via a centralized dashboard. If an agency is managing ad-campaigns for various clients, It can easily be managed by linking the client’s Ad-Account to the Business Manager.

This allows you to create ads, manage budgets and many more features!


Facebook Manager also has analytical tools that allow an agency to monitor the Business’s page activity and decide on how to change or re-direct an in-progress ad campaign in order to gain more traction.


It is also easier to collaborate between members within an Agency too. Allowing all members to access the same information and focus on creating content for different Businesses simultaneously. Creating a complete combination of goals that an Agency needs to achieve for each business and executing it in a single-place in order for the whole Agency to come together and achieve all the goals set out!


It is a scalable platform, so no matter how small or large a client’s business may be, it is a Manager that can be used for a variety of clients. 


In terms of security, Facebook Business Manager provides Agencies with two-factor authentication, thus thwarting malicious attempts to gain access to the Business Manager as a whole. It also provides a business level of reporting to multiple accounts as well. Customized management reports/dashboards are accessible to clients too.

Multiple Accounts

With a variety of people within an Agency. It is possible to add, remove and manage each employee that accesses the Business Manager. In additional to this Logins and Roles can be assigned to individuals via the Dashboard securely.

Monitoring of who can access which data and permissions can be modified per individual too. Specific features can also be added for clients on a per-Business Page basis.


Facebook Business Manager allows the ability to create custom audiences for differing ad-campaigns. Parallel ads can be created, which can be A/B tested, having the ability to split the ads between customers and find out which campaign may perform better and then allow for switching the complete campaign to the more-successful campaign overall.


As a whole, there are a plethora of reasons to use Facebook Business Manager for an Agency. The overall question to answer is, what is stopping you from using it already? It is easily implementable and easily usable!