Why you should have a live chat on your eCommerce website

It can be difficult to get a real feel and idea of the product that you are looking at on an online store. So by having a live chat on your site, you can give your customers as much guidance as possible. By having a live chat you will be able to answer questions about your products in real-time. Having a live chat that is working alongside good product images and detailed product descriptions you are guaranteed a sale. Live chat is a key feature of the best eCommerce websites and other web design in Manchester.

Saving time for you and your customers

Nobody wants to go searching through your website in search of something. Everybody wants the product and product information right in front of them. This is so they make sure that it is the right product for them, and if it is, buy the product as quickly and easily as they can. By having a live chat you will be able to save time for your customers and for you at the same time. You will be able to point them in the right direction for what they want to buy. You will also be able to suggest items they might like and answer questions more quickly rather than using the phone or email.

Increase your conversion rate 

People are 2.8 times more likely to convert when using live chat for an eCommerce website and will also spend at least 60% more money. By having this 1-2-1 interaction with customers it will allow them to ask questions that they might not be able to find. For example, delivery information or product information requests. Having a live chat will enable consumers to interact with you to get the right answer instead of leaving your site.

With live chat, you are also able to communicate with multiple people at one time, which you can’t do face-to-face. This will be beneficial to you at certain times of the year where there are a higher number of people wanting to buy from you

Personalised experience

One of the best ways to get a conversion is by making the customers experience personalised to them. Right now people want to be valued by a company rather than just a number on a sheet. By using the Live Chat you are able to see what pages they have looked at and are currently on. This then allows you to tailor the pop-up message to them. If they have previously signed up to the site you can also get the order history up to base your responses on, to speed up the query response time.

Get feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is a vital part of of any business and retail is impacted by it the most. 93% of people have said that the online reviews impact their decision on whether to by your product or not. Live Chat is a really good way to get a honest opinion about how their interaction was with the Live Chat. By having a simple score scoring system so they can rate how their experience was will able you to get a insight of how well your live chat works.