Why Does Blue Whale Media Use Monday.com?

Here at Blue Whale Media, we are BIG on project management as the team are always working on different tasks each day. We mainly work within our teams but when it comes to projects for Blue Whale Media, we work as a collective. As you probably know in your own business, this can become quite manic so a project management tool is always helpful. Finding the right software can be quite difficult but we’ve found a new online system that could help you as much as it’s helped us.

What is Monday

Monday.com is an online management platform built to help your team simplify the way you manage tasks and projects. There’s a lot of helpful features within this software that can make your team more engaged, organised and productive. You can use Monday for a variety of things including; marketing campaigns, video production planning, recruitment processes, task management, progress tracking, design planning, event management and a whole lot more. More than 80,000 teams rely on Monday.com – find out why in this blog!

Full Customisation

Monday.com has many benefits but one popular one is the fact that it allows you to fully customise the software to suit your needs. This means you and your team can create boards, groups, columns and items that only you need. You can also create different boards for different teams/members so you can see how the tasks are split up for the different departments. You can also add your own labels too so when it comes to looking at the progress of the task, you can customise what it says to make more sense.

Easy To Use

From our experience, transitioning over to a new work software can be tricky and for some people, overwhelming. Even though Monday does seem like a lot, once you have set up the basics, your staff will be flying through. Obviously, there is a more detailed way to set up Monday but just a simple set up can help your team massively. The progress status works like a traffic light system so green is ‘done’, amber is ‘working on it’ and red is ‘stuck’. This is just one feature that makes Monday easy to use.

Better Communication

A reason why a lot of people move across to Monday is to stop the endless tracking through emails and meeting notes with other people. With Monday, you can simply add the tasks straight away and refer back to them when needed. You can also assign tasks to people once you have done your part which creates a nice flow in work and you always know where the project is up too.

Start Today

There are a lot of reasons why you might join Monday.com but for us, it has been beneficial for the whole team. It’s more efficient, detailed and easy to follow the progress of tasks. Hopefully, this blog has given you a bit of an insight into what software we use to run our project management and might even give you some motivation to set up your software. Check out Monday.com to find out more.

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