Why you should use WordPress for your new business website

Why You Should Use WordPress For Your CMS

Using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) has become a huge trend. Many users feel that it hugely enhances the way their website functions. There are various other options to develop a website; however, WordPress seems to top the lot.

WordPress is one of the most well-known ways to build a website. The truth about WordPress is that it was created by and for the community. People can use it freely without having to pay a license fee for any website creation. However, when everything comes for free, you need to pay for some things, like specific features and plugins.

WordPress Price Range

WordPress has numerous template systems, facilities, plugin architecture, and features that you can use to develop your website. However, there are some charges required for the theme and plugin you use. The WordPress install has multiple features to establish an essential free website. The CMS is not a tool to design websites but allows users to attach videos, audio, content, images, etc. You can take advantage of its various features and plugins to get a theme that immediately gives you a creative-looking website. It is also fast in availing you a social sharing status. It is also crucial for you to purchase a host even if WordPress is free. You can benefit from some custom or quality solution by purchasing it.

Overall the price of your website will range depending on the website you want, features you require and which company you want to go with. Blue Whale Media’s own team of web developers are specialists in WordPress. If you’d like to discuss your new website’s price, you can contact us for a chat and a free, no-obligation quote.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress does not function independently, and you will require a host to reserve and manage it. Web hosting services are like internet hosting services, which allow companies and users to create their brand of the website. Hosts like Hostgator or GoDaddy are examples of web host companies that avail space on a server that they lease or own. Sites that do not intend to expand their company can invest in hosting that ranges around £10 – £30 monthly. However, for users wanting to multiply with massive visitors, invest £50 – £300 a month in the field. The only difference here is shared servers and dedicated servers.

A well-known WordPress hosting specialization is Page. Iy and WP Engine. Their server is like the dedicated servers set up to manage WordPress specifically.

Furthermore, it is advisable to have file storage outside of your hosting plan.

Controlling WordPress

WordPress operates exceptionally well as a CMS. It gets even better with the amount of control you can have over it. You get to code any area of WordPress to perform the way you like. You also get access to all folders and files. Learning to use PHP will quickly help you create a masterpiece. You can create a theme or plugin to introduce into your WordPress. You can use the quick and straightforward subject matter install to redesign your website. It is clear that with the massive availability of downloadable plugins and themes, nothing is impossible.

User Interface

The WordPress admin section is easy to use with simple installations, posts, updates, pages, etc. With the WYSIWYG editor, you can:

  • Password protect a page
  • Put up stories on your website
  • Issue a post
  • Bold or left-align to an HTML tab 
  • Allow commenting on your site
  • Schedule content for a specific day

You can exhibit all such capabilities with a visually pleasant user interface.

Upgrading WordPress

The WordPress software must update with the latest features, new security fixes, user interface changes, etc. It is essential to remember that when WordPress upgrades, not all of its plugins upgrades. Due to such inconsistencies, problems can arise when you need specific sections of your website’s plugins. It can lead to your website not being compatible with the new versions of WordPress.

It is also crucial never to make changes or upgrades to the core WordPress files as you can lose them. However, it is also not necessary to upgrade your WordPress for it to work. It functions just fine, even without the changes. Recommendations for upgrades are required so that you get to experience the best features, themes, and plugins.

Customer Support

The WordPress forums are the best solution to solve your issues when setting up your website. As an open-source community, the help you will be getting is mostly all from volunteers. In such situations, sometimes you will need to crack the puzzle by yourself by working through it. The concept of email support is not available as it cannot help out a lot of people. Under such circumstances, you can consider a WordPress host like Page.ly or WP Engine. It is essential to choose your shared server host carefully as not all hosting companies avail WordPress support.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are devices that help to increase the capabilities of WordPress. With the availability of various plugins, you can turn them into a radio, news, or photography content management system. 

You can build a website of your choice from the 18,000+ plugins available to you. It is, however, necessary to remember that no all plugins are free, and you may need to pay for some. 

Not all plugins function on all WordPress versions. When downloading a plugin, you have to make sure to check for plan and support for upgrading as WordPress upgrades. Your website will load slower if you have too many plugins, so make sure to choose wisely.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are files that function collectively to make the style and management of the website. You can purchase various premium themes or find free articles from WordPress.org throughout the web. 

The drop-down navigation menu setting is available, which gives you a command over what goes where by dragging and dropping. 

WordPress Widgets

Widgets give an easy-to-use and simple section to control and design in your WordPress with a footer or sidebar. Some plugins have a device with choices to showcase specific functionality in faster or distinct ways. The built-in HTML widget is essential as you can put third-party embedded code or any code. 

File Hosting

Storing files on your WordPress website is not always the right choice. The size of your website matters when it comes to filing storage. If you run a newspaper business producing 4–5 stories daily, it is necessary to have a file hosting alternative. The same goes with posting 4-5 stories daily with videos, audio, and photos. Gradually, there will be many megabytes in your hosting storage, which will slow down your system. It is best to delete three months or older stories or get an alternative file hosting storage.