Why Video Marketing is Fast Becoming the New Standard

According to web design company Liverpool, video marketing is becoming popular each day. Marketers are opting to advertise their products and services via video because the audience is increasingly shifting their attention away from traditional TV to online video. In fact, according to Entrepreneur, by 2019, 80% of online content will be video.

Video Marketing Statistics

Videos are now becoming part and parcel of life. People stream a show at home or research for a solution for a complex problem. The fourth annual state of Video Marketing Survey published by Wyzowl revealed that the use of video is becoming more popular than the other marketing strategies.
The survey found out the following

    • 81% of businesses use a video as a marketing tool- this was an increase from 2017 which was 63%
    • 65% of those that don’t use a video said they plan to start in 2018
    • There has been a 17% increase in video usage during the last 12 months
    • 44% of marketers have hosted or participated in a webinar
    • 97% of marketers say a video has helped to increase user’s understanding of their product and services
    • 76% say video marketing and companies like web design company Liverpool helped them increase sales
    • 80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their websites
    • Marketers who use video grow revenue faster than non-video users

Video is preferred media

A majority of people prefer to watch a video of 2-3 minutes of a product than read a text of 15 minutes about a certain product. Mobile video views have grown by 223% since 2013. And since more and more people are watching video and smartphones are on the rise, it is necessary for online marketing to become more and more popular.

Video gets results

Those who use video such as web design company Liverpool have witnessed a significant engagement among prospects. In online marketing, it is one thing to get views and another to get results. Customers are likely to purchase a product or service after watching a well-designed video of a product or service. They can also refer friends and families an in the end, the business will have increased sales.

The video continues to play a significant role in the business performance and has become an essential tool as part of every customer’s buyer journey. It serves as a starting point to learn about a product and serve as a decisive factor that can turn a prospect into a purchaser.

media is an important element

Manufacturers, B2B organizations or web designer companies like web Design Company Liverpool are starting to warm up to the idea of using social media as a marketing strategy. Various platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and Twitter which are the top social networks have helped to create a brand awareness and push the content.

These platforms are expected to improve their functionality to provide quality video streaming and friendly features that are appealing to consumers.


This is the time that business can invest more on the video content that they offer their customers. It should be of high quality. Many consumers don’t tend to focus on the design of the video, their main aim is to understand the product or the service that a company is offering. Video marketing is going to be around for the longest time and businesses should embrace it wholeheartedly according to web design company Liverpool.

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