Why You Should Invest In Content Marketing

Content marketing stands apart from other types of marketing as its main priority is to prioritise the audience needs. The key to successful content marketing is to focus on building relationships between your brand and customers. Using your content marketing as a way to offer your target audience advice and information rather than clubbing them over the head with why your brand is best, you will see a significant difference in retention and conversion rates. But what is content marketing, why should you have a marketing strategy in place and how does it benefit your business?

Why do I need a content marketing strategy?

Before you develop a successful strategy, it’s important to understand why it’s important. Content marketing campaigns are only as successful as the research that goes into it. Statistics from the Content Marketing Institute in 2018 states that one-third of all business to customer (B2C) brands that use content marketing have a strong and solid strategy in place. This number is not surprising as marketing strategies help to streamline your brand goals and focus your efforts in the right place.

Developing a content marketing strategy will help to focus your team by giving them a collective mission and goal. A concrete strategy will also help to streamline your overall message and assign resources to help optimize your results. With this in mind, how will a content marketing strategy help your business?

Increase in brand awareness

Statistics show that up to 80% of the most successful brands that took part in the 2019 Content Marketing Institute’s survey expressed that content marketing strategies helped increase their brand awareness. It can be difficult to stand out from the competition, but by bringing your content to your target demographic in a structured way, you can control the way your brand is seen.

Increase brand trust and loyalty

Not only will a structured marketing strategy help increase your brand awareness, but it will also help your customers to build a trusting relationship with your business. By offering your audience content that is relevant, reliable and backed up by statistics and data, you are ensuring that your brand is credible and trustworthy. Customers trust numbers, so if you provide them, your audience will see that you are offering them valuable information. This shows that your brand is invested in customer satisfaction and providing relevant and reliable content.

Boost leads and conversions

Investing in a great content marketing strategy will ultimately lead to higher lead and conversion rates for your business. Data shows that effective, well researched and managed content marketing yields higher conversion rates than any outbound or paid ads. Content marketing produces, on average, 14% higher conversion rates compared to outbound marketing leads (1.7%).


Content marketing is a vital tool in any businesses advertising arsenal. It is a relatively inexpensive but highly lucrative marketing strategy. Used effectively, you can deliver relevant and valuable information to your customers and boost your sales and conversion rates.

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