Why You Should Use Facebook Dynamic Ads

Why You Should Use Facebook Dynamic Ads

Since June of 2017, we have come to know that there are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook every month. About 1 billion of these users are logging in every day. 55% of men and 45% of women are using Facebook all across the globe. Facebook offers sophistication and high functionality at all times. So, when you utilise dynamic ads on Facebook, you are pushing your business towards a lucrative future.

Understanding Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads tend to utilise machine learning for scaling your ads whenever you possess a wide range of major volumes of items or products. The dynamic ads tend to automatically deliver offerings or services that are relevant to the people depending on their actions, interests, and intent. Here, this solution eradicates the trouble of making individual ads for every product that you sell. You can start creating a catalogue featuring all your services and products rather than manually setting up a thousand ad sets.

Now you can make a campaign, which drives sales in your site or application utilising user-level and personalised recommendations for every single thing in the catalogue. When a customer shows interest in buying a product from the catalogue, you can expect Facebook to dynamically start generating an advertisement for this person. Facebook will also deliver it to their mobile, desktop, or tablet.

What Does It Look Like?

Dynamic ads tend to look like any other single photo, story, carousel, or collection of ads on Audience Network, Facebook, and Instagram. If you utilise the objective of catalogue sales, you will automatically end up running the dynamic ads. It is also possible to run the dynamic ads within the objectives of lead generation, and app installs. You need to insert the catalogue on the level of the ad set for installing several apps or for selling services and products, or for generating leads. It will prompt the options of the dynamic target under your audience tab.

Dynamic Targeting Options

The dynamic ads tend to possess two options for targeting, which reaches your clients across varying stages or phases of the purchasing journey. We should look at these two options below:

  • The dynamic ads for the wide audiences tend to reach customers who still haven’t bought products from your company or visited your site. However, they might have shown some interest in the services and product types that you offer.
  • The dynamic advertisements for retargeting reach consumers who haven’t displayed any interest in a specific item in your site or app. It does an excellent job of encouraging them to fulfil the action.

Why Should You Use Dynamic Ads?

We will be pointing out the reasons why you should utilise a dynamic ad. They are as follows:

  • It automatically delivers content that is creative and relevant to customers based on their interests and behaviours.
  • It features an automated campaign, which continually promotes and optimises all your products without the need of configuring every individual ad.
  • It also retargets your mobile app buyers or site by reminding them about the products that they previously viewed but didn’t purchase.
  • It reaches new audiences who have shown interest in your items by utilising audience targeting. It does so, even if the visitors haven’t entered your app or site yet.