Benefits of using Google Shopping Ads to promote your eCommerce website

Why You Should Use Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Adverts are the best method of selling your products online with paid traffic. If you are an eCommerce owner, or a marketer with an eCommerce client, you can’t afford to miss out on Google’s shopping ads.

In this blog by Blue Whale Media, we will be highlighting the reasons why you should be using Google Shopping Ads to promote your online products.

Types of Shopping Ads

Firstly, we must understand the different type of shopping ads you can use. In total, there are three different shopping ads which can help you to promote different type of products or achieve different goals.

  • Product Shopping Ad: this an advert automatically created for each individual product based on the data provided from Google Merchant Center.
  • Showcase Shopping Ad: this is an advert created by grouping a selection of related products together. For example, if someone searches “winter coat for men”, a showcase shopping advert can promote a variety of your winter coat products within a single advert.
  • Local Inventory Shopping Ad: this is similar to a product shopping advert, but more location-focused to promote products from your physical store to local shoppers.

Benefits of Shopping Ads

As the name suggests, Shopping Ads are highly focused on promoting products to ready-to-buy users on Google. Below are some of the benefits as to why Shopping Ads work better than Search or Display adverts in order to drive online sales.


Firstly, shopping ads are massively more visible in the search results. Although Search adverts can be accompanied by various different extensions to help the ad stand out more (or at least take up more space on the page), Shopping adverts are simply more eye-catching. With an engaging product image, price tag, and review ratings, Shopping ads are easily able to stand-out on the search results page.

More Clicks

According to a study by Merkle, Google Shopping adverts accounts for the majority of all Google Ads clicks, taking up around 65% of all paid clicks from Google Ads. Additionally, Shopping adverts also account for around 89% of all non-branded Google Ads clicks for retailers. That’s a lot of clicks from qualified searchers!

Return on Investment

For eCommerce websites, Google Shopping Ads will provide a greater return on investment compared to other PPC campaigns. Aside from the previous point of how much Shopping ads dominate the total paid click share on Google, further research has also shown that:

  • Shopping adverts have a significantly lower cost per click compared to search adverts showing on the same search results, in some cases as much as half the price.
  • Shopping adverts have a much better conversion rate compared to search adverts. In some cases, shopping adverts can have a 30% higher conversion rate on desktop and 21% higher conversion rate on mobile.

With these statistics, it’s no surprise then that online retailers will see a greater conversion rate with shopping adverts over other PPC campaigns.