Why your website should utilise good graphics

Why Your Website Needs Good Graphics

Humans are visual beings. Compared to long walls of text, we are instantly attracted to visual elements such as pictures, videos, icons, etc. No wonder why infographics is on an exponential growth! 

Today, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to add visual elements to your website apart from high-quality content. If you’re a startup owner and don’t have the budget to invest in professional graphic designers, don’t worry! There are plenty of image and free stock footage sites that allow you to source high-quality materials for free. 

Here are some reasons why you need to add visual elements to your website.

People respond to better visual content

Visual content such as videos is an effective way of keeping your visitors entertained and engaged on your website. Besides, websites with visual elements have better chances of ranking on the top of Google’s SERP. That alone should be a good reason for anyone to include videos on their web pages.

Through videos, you can give information about your business, products and services, and share testimonies with your audience. Not only that, but videos are also an excellent way of decreasing bounce rate and simultaneously increasing visitors’ time spent on your site. That’s because people prefer watching entertaining and informative content instead of reading it. 

Enhanced User Experience

A website without any kind of multimedia or visual elements is sure to turn off visitors. When a prospect first visits your website, if they see a big wall of text, chances are, they will immediately move on to the next best option. The reason behind that is simple – nothing grabbed their attention!

As mentioned earlier, since people are visual creatures, your website should include elements that appeal to that. This way, you have better chances of generating traffic. 

Besides, your website interface is just as important as it is what enables visitors to navigate and interact with your website. If you have a complex interface with cluttered elements, people will not stay there for long. We live in a world where people want things quick and easy. Hence, incorporating fun visual elements can make your website more organized and easy to navigate, thereby improving user experience.

Provide More Information Quicker

Graphics are used not only for making your website more appealing to visitors visually. Of course, that’s a major advantage of having good graphics. However, it also allows you to share informative content in an engaging manner, which visitors would generally avoid reading in the form of text. 

A simple yet informative video or infographic that lasts not more than 2-minutes can provide more information than any article or image can. And visitors are more likely to choose this medium of information since they are mostly in a hurry. 

However, when creating visual elements, make sure that the graphics you use on your website are in accordance with your brand’s story, style, and purpose. Don’t make the mistake of confusing your visitors. Your audience should instantly understand what your website is all about.