Why your website should be mobile-friendly with responsive website design in Manchester.

Why Your Website Should be Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly website in this day and age is an absolute necessity if you want your business to flourish. More people are now using mobile devices to search the internet instead of desktop computers. So, if you’re still following the old traditional web design, you should transition right now. To give you a better idea, here are six reasons why your website should be mobile friendly according to our own Manchester website design company.

Your Customers Are On Mobile Devices

Your potential customers are one of the most important reasons why your website should be mobile friendly. Around 57% of the world’s internet users are on mobile devices. This means that half of your potential customers could be using a mobile device too.

So, if your page is not mobile friendly, they’ll probably leave to search for another website. You could be losing almost half or even more than half of your potential customers. 

Build Customer Trust

Having a mobile friendly website has proven to build customer trust time and again. A website with poor design does not have the same credibility as a mobile friendly website. In fact, more than 50% of web users say they are reluctant to recommend a non-mobile website.

Be More Competitive 

Most websites already have a mobile friendly website for their businesses, including your competitors. So, if your site still has a poor design, your business will naturally fall behind. Any customer would choose a website that is mobile friendly over the one that’s not.

So to compete with those other websites out there, you must make your site mobile friendly.

Increase Your Visibility

One of the best advantages of having a mobile friendly website is that you can reach more people. Why? Because a mobile friendly website is easy to share. So, if your visitors like your content, they will likely share your page. But if it is very complex, they’ll simply leave once they are done.

Also, a mobile friendly website has better ranks in search engine results which is reflective of Google’s preference of mobile-friendly websites. This means that more people can find your website easier on search engines and your search engine optimisation will be more effective, according to an SEO agency in Manchester

Faster Loading Time

People these days simply don’t have the patience to wait for slow loading websites. They will usually leave a website if it takes longer than 7 seconds to load. But the good thing about a mobile friendly site is that they take much less time to load. This means that you can keep the attention of your visitors for a more extended period.

Better User Experience 

One of the main benefits of a mobile friendly website is a better user experience. Mobile friendly websites fit perfectly on small screens, have better visuals, simple site navigation, quick loading, and easy content sharing. 

All these improve the customer’s experience on your website, making them want to come back for more. Better user experience also brings in a lot of new visitors.


We hope that by now you’re convinced about the importance of a mobile friendly website. Make it your top priority to have your website mobile friendly, and you’ll be experiencing traffic like never before.