Will Moving My Domain to a Different Host Affect My SEO Rankings?

Changing your website hosting provider should in itself not impact your SEO rankings if the transition is smooth. Yet, switching hosts can affect your SEO rankings in a variety of ways. As a leading website design agency in Cheshire, we have seen a lot of things go wrong. One wrong step can gravely impact a website’s rankings.

Here are some things you can do to avoid SEO disaster during website redesign or when moving your website from one host to another.

Server Uptime

Your website’s uptime also plays a crucial role in your rankings. If your site is down during the process of shifting or while it’s being redesigned, it could lower your SEO rankings. As your website design Cheshire agency, we will not take off your website from the origin server during the transfer. Once the transfer to our servers is complete, we will point your domain to the new server. We will then wait for up to 72 hours for DNS propagation before taking down the site from your old servers. This will ensure a smooth transition without any impact on your SEO rankings.


Google and many other search engines use the IP of a website as a way to determine the website’s proximity to the user. If the server you are moving to is located in the same country as the earlier host, your search rankings will not be affected. So, if your target audience is in the UK, make sure that the new hosting service you are moving to has servers in the UK. This will ensure there’s no negative impact on your SEO rankings on account of your website’s IP. Blue Whale Media is a complete website design agency in Cheshire. We offer reliable, secure and high speed hosting solutions for all our clients to ensure minimal impact on your current SEO rankings from the change in hosting. 

Website Load Speed

Your website’s load time on the new server also plays a crucial role. If your website takes 2 seconds more than before on the new server, your search engine rankings may drop. The new server you move to must be optimised for load speed to ensure that it can handle website hits to your site quickly. As your website design Cheshire agency, we will optimise your website as well as your hosting space for load time.

Website Structure

Be sure to duplicate your site as is when moving to your new hosting provider. If there’s a change in website structure in any way, Google and other search engines may drop your rankings. For example, if you have moved to a different CMS and changed your site’s structure, Google may see your site as new, and this may have a negative impact on your website’s search rankings.

In Conclusion

Consider the above points when moving servers for a smooth and hassle free transition. When you hire Blue Whale Media to redesign your website, we will ensure your website’s current rankings do not take a negative hit. We will also move your website to our hosting servers seamlessly. Get in touch with us today for a chat.

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