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Do Wix Websites Score Poorly in Google?

If you asked our web design Manchester agency a few years ago, the answer would have been a huge ‘YES’! However, that’s not necessarily true anymore!

This used to be true until a few years ago. But not anymore, apparently!

Until a few years ago, Wix websites did not even appear in Google. However, in 2016, Wix released lots of new updates to improve its SEO capabilities. The URL structure is cleaner as against the hash-bang structure, which adds junk characters to the URL. The Rel=canonical tags have been removed and other SEO capabilities have been added.

However, WordPress websites have been offering these features for years and that’s why WordPress websites have always had the upper hand. WordPress has been SEO friendly out-of-the-box for years. Wix and other DIY website builders have only woken up recently. And of late, these websites also are capable of ranking in Google.

Wix Websites and SEO

Wix uses Ajax in its coded. That used to pose a huge problem when Google and other search engines crawled Wix websites. But now, that problem has been sorted and Google’s spiders can read those websites as well as a WordPress or any other website.

So, the answer to the question “do Wix websites score poorly in Google?” used to be in the affirmative a few years ago. But not anymore!

However, having used WordPress for years, web design Manchester team believes that WordPress certainly has some advantages over Wix. Here’s a look.

WordPress Has Cleaner Code

This is a distinct advantage with WordPress that drag and drop websites still lack in. A Wordpress website has a cleaner code, which does certainly offers a marginal advantage over Wix websites.

Content is King

SEO is all about content. When it comes to SEO and improving search rankings, quality content plays a crucial role. And what better way to write content than WordPress! After all, WordPress began its journey as a blogging platform before growing on to become the most popular CMS platform on the web.

WordPress makes it easy to create content. And optimising your WordPress website is easy with SEO plugins like Yoast SEO. This plugin makes SEO a walk in the park even for those who have no idea about WordPress.

In Conclusion

So if you are wondering whether you should invest in a Wix website or a WordPress website, it’s all about what you want. Consider Wix only if you have the time to build a website from scratch. However, if you want an easy to use CMS platform that allows you to manage your website easily, WordPress offers the right solution.

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