WooCommerce 3.8 is now available!

It is great news to report that WooCommerce 3.8 is live. The latest version has been in development since August 2019 and counting 516 submits by 28 creators. The rendition represents a significant move towards a stable, more frequent, and smaller WooCommerce releases. However, WooCommerce 3.8 is a minor discharge, which implies everything ought to be backward compatible if you’re updating from a past version. It’s suggested that you ensure your plugins and theme are good and make adequate reinforcements for peace of mind.

WordPress and PHP Version

The new version comes with no change in PHP and WordPress necessities – Ecommerce Warrington. However, they’re booked to overhaul the minimum supported adaptation of PHP to 7.0 and the same to WordPress to 5.0 with the following release. But in case your website is running renditions lower than that, you will see a prod to enable you to upgrade for the greatest and latest. The following arrival of WooCommerce is booked for early January, so you should have some time aside to plan.

Update PHP and WordPress

There is a manual to guide users at WordPress and Update PHP. Past these improvements, the discharge additionally contains a few fixes and tweaks and new hooks, which are all itemised in the ReadMe – Ecommerce Warrington. If you’re a designer and missed the beta and RC (Release Candidates), the beta declaration strolls you via what has been altered and what was censured.

Testing WooCommerce 3.8

WooCommerce 3.8 has remained in code freeze from the 3.8 beta discharge on October 3. Thus, there was no adding of new features, just functionality fixes. Similarly, as with 3.7, there were better test plans that were set up. WooCommerce 3.8 had more analyzers on a variety of hosts running prominent themes and extensions, and all were tested internally – Ecommerce Warrington. Upgrades were on staging sites for actual store owners to detect bugs or conflicts before the public release and the release tested on WooCommerce.com.

Updating to WooCommerce 3.8

Besides making a reinforcement of your site, it’s recommended that you test a staging site before moving up to 3.8 on your live website. This version has no database update, but anybody overhauling from a former version to 3.7 ought to review – Ecommerce Warrington. WooCommerce 3.7 landed and operated the database redesign schedules that are elaborated in segment updating to WooCommerce 3.7.


Being developed since August 2019 and counting 516 submits by 28 creators, this form speaks to a move towards littler, stable, and increasingly WooCommerce discharges. WooCommerce 3.8 is a minor discharge, which implies everything ought to be in reverse good if refreshing from a past rendition – Ecommerce Warrington.

WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce is eager to report that the new version incorporates WooCommerce Blocks 2.4. It’s an overhaul from WooCommerce Blocks 2.3, the version packaged with WooCommerce 3.7. WooCommerce Blocks is the eCommerce-centered block gathering for the Gutenberg editor, and that has been a piece of WordPress since the release of 5.0. Rendition 2.4 acquaints new blocks with show product search and item reviews, in addition to fixes to current blocks. Just being a minor release, the later versions ought to be compatible – Ecommerce Warrington. As WooCommerce operates towards frequent and smaller releases, the newest discharge comes with fewer changes than ordinary. For more related updates, reach out to Blue Whale Media team on 01925 552050 or [email protected].