Which is the best shipping plugin integration for WooCommerce?

Gone are the days when shopping in malls used to be something special because online shopping has taken over and provides global access to goods by consumers. All online shops are powered by powerful websites that offer plugins and extensions to website owners to be able to extend services to their clients. WooCommerce is the most widely used plugin provided by WordPress that helped facilitate online payments, showing real-time rates, restricted access to a website and selling blocks of time as appointments amongst many other online services. The most used extensions of the WooCommerce shipping plugin are the ShipStation and ShippingEasy.

WooCommerce, ShipStation and ShippingEasy

The WooCommerce platform hosts many plugins which include the ShippingEasy and ShipStation plugins. The ShippingEasy plugin provides several applications that minimise shipping costs and is used in inventory management through two-way-synchronising. This shipping plugin enables users to create shipping labels, return labels and track packages. The ShipStation plugin, on the other hand, provides scalability to businesses by eliminating business complication. With this plugin, the users can import, manage and ship orders.

Shipping Easy v ShipStation general overview

As we have seen above how the two plugins relate to WooCommerce, we will now look at the distinguishing characteristics between the two. When it comes to production, the two do not provide the same results as observed from customer feedbacks. While the ShipStation shipping plugin is aimed at automating the shipping process, the ShippingEasy plugin offers an app from which sellers develop their online shopping services to be able to provide shipping. Both are unique in their ways

ShippingEasy Integration

The ShippingEasy plugin integrates with several online business systems and applications. These services include the AmeriCommerce, Channel Advisor, 3dcart and the BigCommerce business systems. Integration with other systems increases the functionality of this applications and makes it flexible when dealing with the different needs of different customers. With this platform, many software is made available for both small and medium businesses. The major throwback is that it is only available in the English language. Support systems are Phone, Training and Live support.

ShipStation Integration

The ShipStation plugin is aimed at inventory automation, and most of its integrations are done with similar systems. The primary business systems and applications that integrate with this plugin include the Stitch Labs, TradeGecko, Finale Inventory Orderhive and Shopify. This integration is not limited to inventories but cuts across most of the available inventory systems. This ability makes thrive in small, medium and large Enterprises. The support systems for this system are similar to those of ShippingEasy, but there is an additional Ticket system.


To conclude, both systems are similar in most features, but the ShipStation shipping plugin offers more integration options such as the United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx and UPS. Depending on your needs, based on the descriptions provided above, you can find the perfect plugin for your business which falls in either of the categories mention for each plugin. ShipStation plugin will come in handy when attempting to eliminate manual data entry and increase customisation, the, but when developing a more complex system, ShippingEasy would be recommended.

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