WooCommerce: How to Connect with Target Audience and Generate Results

It is crucial to have a website that can connect with your target market and generate results. This can’t be done overnight. This is because website creation should be a combination of creativeness and marketing strategies.

If you don’t have enough technical skills to build your own website, you can use open source ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce. WooCommerce makes it easier to customise your online store. Here’s how you get started according to Web design Manchester experts.

Getting Started

If you’re a beginner ecommerce owner, there might be things that you need to learn about how to set-up your online shop. The good things is that you don’t need to learn 100% of it. With WooCommerce, you only have to do the following:

Sign-up with WooCommerce

Opening an account with WooCommerce is the first step. This is easier to do if you have a WordPress account. Once you click Get Started, you need to provide your e-mail address, username, and password.

Once completed, click that you’ve agreed to the term and conditions. The last step will be the e-mail address confirmation.

Set up your website

Determine who the site is for. What is your target market? What is your niche? What kind of products do you sell? Usually, products are categorized according to the following:

  • Physical products: Products you’ll ship to customers
  • Digital Products: Products that can be downloaded
  • Services: Appointments that customers can book
  • Tickets: Tickets to an online or offline event
  • Memberships: Content or products restricted to members
  • Other vendors’ products: Products from other vendors but sold on your site
Choose payment options

You must decide what kind of payment options you’re willing to accept. Here are a few choices:

  • One-time payment: Customers pay when they complete their purchase – the most common option
  • Pre-order: Customers reserve a product and pay when it’s released
  • Subscription: Customers pay on a recurring basis
  • In person: Customers pay in person. All major debit/credit cards accepted
  • Payment plan: Customers pay a deposit, in installments or after a trial period
  • Offline: Customers use the site as a catalog and pay separately
Install WooCommerce

There are three different ways you can install WooCommerce. You can get a pre-installation, which Web design Manchester experts recommend for new users. You can get hosting, WordPress, and WooCommerce in one click through trusted partners. Select a partner and package that suits your needs. Set up your site and get eCommerce hosting with a provider you can trust. You can also auto-install WooCommerce on an existing WordPress site. For experienced developers or those who prefer to do it themselves, WooCommerce can also be downloaded separately.

Flipping pages: Am I doing it right?

Seeing your website on its stagnant phase can be depressing. However, you can use it as your motivation to improve.

By using WooCommerce, Web design Manchester experts and beginners can customise and improve an existing website–  from the page layout and graphic design to content production.

  • Page Layout: It should follow proper objectives and principles that will make your page attractive.
  • Content Production: You should consistently update your content. Also, make sure you use proper SEO techniques.
  • Graphic Design: Typography, illustration, and photography should work together to create a visual representation of you website that connects with your target audience.

Is your current website getting plenty of visits but gaining no new leads? It’s not enough that you’ve earned a few customers on your first days; you also need to make consistent sales. When you’ve reached stagnancy, don’t ask, “What have I done wrong?” Instead, ask, “What did I miss while constructing your website?”

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