Why We Design Websites On WordPress

Among the various platforms available today, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). It is important to note that WordPress is not just a blogging platform. You can use WordPress as a powerful business or eCommerce website builder. Our Manchester website design company also believes that more people should use WordPress because they are ridiculously easy to use, affordable, and offers you the flexibility to create any website.

Creating Websites on WordPress

WordPress offers so many benefits for you in designing a website. Let us have a look at some of the best reasons as to why we design websites on WordPress.

Easy Content Creation

Using WordPress is so simple and easy. You will quickly learn that the process of content creation in WordPress is pretty straightforward. All the tools you will need, like text editors for your blog post or formatting tools, etc. are readily available on the dashboard menu.

Also, another advantage is that since they are easy to use, anyone can easily update the website by logging in to the site.


You can pretty much achieve anything you want to do with your website. And you can do this by merely installing plugins because no matter what capabilities you require for your website, there is always a plugin you can download that caters to your demands.

SEO-Friendly Websites

It takes a lot of work to optimise every page and content on your website for search engines. But this is made easy with WordPress because it comes with built-in tools. Or you can also upgrade the primary tools by installing a plugin. Several SEO plugins available easily allow you to optimise your pages, among which one of the more commonly used SEO plugins is the Yoast SEO. This plugin provides easy access to enable the proper implementation of meta descriptions, headlines, and even does page optimization for keywords. Blue Whale Media offers our own specialist SEO service.

Various Themes

One main reason people love designing websites on WordPress is because of the abundance of themes it has. You will find themes for any website. Whether you are building a website for fashion, photography, or a company, you will definitely find the design you are looking for.

Another advantage is that the themes in WordPress are customisation. They come with options that allow you to make specific changes like colours, backgrounds, etc.

WordPress Support

WordPress has a global support community. This community has also created so many plugins to help sites. No matter what issues you have with your website, you will immediately find help. Thanks to such a large support community.


WordPress is swiftly becoming one of the most loved and widely used platforms for people to explore with their websites. It is for anyone interested in creating and designing a super cool site at a very affordable rate, irrespective of whether you are tech-savvy or have zero knowledge. There is no other platform Blue Whale Media would recommend other than WordPress.