WordPress meetups in 2020

WordPress Meetup Events

One of the best things about WordPress is the opportunity to build relationships with awesome people that are on the platform.

At Blue Whale Media, our team uses WordPress for so many things, including building websites and developing SEO; it’s an essential part of our working process.

With such a huge community presence around this particular website creation and content management system, it’s easier to connect with people than you think.

What is WordPress Meetups?

A WordPress meetup involves people with a shared interest in WordPress, who regularly talk about the platform and share ideas and experiences.

The regular meetups are local, in-person gatherings of like-minded people. Many of the meetups are run by volunteers and occur each month in many cities across the world.

WordPress Meetup in Numbers

From developers to designers, from entrepreneurs to publishers, these events are for people who love WordPress and want to share their knowledge and experience. The WordPress open source, the free software platform is why these meetups happen, the community behind the application you know and love are here to help you learn and share experiences.

WordPress meetups in numbers:

  • 110 countries involved and hold meetups
  • 1612 groups held globally
  • 790,670 members of WordPress involved in meetups

What happens during a WordPress meetup?

With WordPress meetups, you can meet other local fans of WordPress, the internets classiest and fastest dynamic content management system. The meetups are locally organised groups that get together to share their WordPress experiences. No two meetups are the same; they all depend on the people involved or the person hosting the meetup.

The meetups can take the format of:

  • Presentations or lecture series
  • WordPress helpdesk
  • Social gatherings
  • Workshops
  • Co-working

How can a WordPress meetup benefit you?

Thousands of people attend WordCamps and WordPress meetups each year to network and promote themselves and their business. In 2012 WordPress start the ‘Year of the Meetup,” and since then, the WordPress foundation has been working to encourage more meetings and more consistency based support around WordPress. So, what does this mean for you, well, you can attend one of these meetings to learn more, network or expand your skills.

In 2019 there were 1639 WordPress meeting groups across the globe; that number is undoubtedly going to continue to grow each year.

What’s happening since Covid-19?

With everything going on in the world, attendance of events has plummeted, but WordPress meetups haven’t stopped. The pandemic has created an opportunity for more people to attend, with the online and virtual WordPress meetups.

With the use of online video conferencing, people can easily participate no matter where they are in the UK or the world. Furthermore, actively participating in WordPress meetups can open you up to new connections and potential business opportunities

It can be said about many networking events, but it’s the audience at WordPress meetups that make these events different and worth attending.

No matter what the medium is, it’s always important to remember that the evolution of networking and meetups allow you to create relationships and communicate with individuals like you.