The top WordPress plugins to use to improve your website's mobile user experience

WordPress Plugins To Improve Mobile User Experience

More than 90% of the global population uses mobile phones today. So, we advise you to improve the user experience of your website, allowing it to be more user-friendly. If you don’t, then you will end up losing your business. If your website isn’t working or slow to load, then the visitor will leave and never come back.

As an expert Liverpool-based website design company, we strongly recommend you stress on mobile optimization for faster loading time. Plus, you will also end up in Google’s good book, allowing your website to rank better within the organic search. We will be listing the best WordPress plugins for enhancing your mobile user experience.

WP Touch

WP Touch is the first thing that pops into our minds with mobile solutions. This famous plugin features about 6+ million downloads, and it replaces your website with a content theme that is mobile-centric and user-friendly. It improves the website that makes it easier and quicker to read. WP Touch tends to insert a simple theme automatically for mobile to your website.

However, your site’s overall theme doesn’t change. WP Touch tends to convert your content for varying screens. The URL of your site will remain the same. Google personally recommends the use of WP Touch. With WP Touch, you will have flexibility in:

  • Including or excluding pages.
  • Controlling and changing menus and pages.

The free version gives you access to a single mobile theme accompanied by custom features like color changes, special elements, and language detection to help you in matching your brand. You also receive many styling options and specific coding. On the other hand, the paid version provides seven varying themes that have a higher customization degree. It also features an option for mobile cache that supports conducting A/B testing, posting ads and images.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is free, possesses over five-star ratings, and features about a million downloads. This plugin features a wide selection of functionality. It helps in improving your website’s upload speed. You can install it in parallel with the auto-optimization. This plugin saves the pages of your site, allowing them to be quicker without loading all the scripts of WordPress. You will find it extremely beneficial when your web host tends to be slow or during high traffic.

This plugin converts the PHP codes that the servers find hard to read in static HTML files. The visitors to your website won’t tell the difference, especially when your site traffic is high. It needs little or no configuration at all that makes it suitable for beginners. Newbies that lack knowledge in technical caching can easily activate the plugin, allowing it to do its magic.


Jetpack is far more complex compared to the WP Super Cache. Its features help in growing site traffic, protecting it, and also keeping your visitors engaged at all times. It offers you a variety of complete configurable functionalities, including:

  • Statistics of traffic monitoring.
  • Buttons for social sharing.
  • Subscription options for the newsletter.
  • Profile customization of the website user.
  • Grammar suggestions for the articles.
  • A photo gallery.
  • A CSS editor.

Some of the top features in Jetpack includes:

  • A related posts option enables similar articles to show up at the end of every published content piece.
  • It has CDN imaging that enables you to download images into your servers. Your site will end up loading faster.
  • Site statistics for monitoring your traffic on your website. You can see which blog articles and pages are popular.
  • You can automatically post your messages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • There are options for social sharing that enable the readers to share your content.
  • XML sitemaps for easily creating a sitemap and submitting it to the bots of Google for crawling.
  • There is site monitoring every five minutes for checking if it’s still available and active.
  • There is the availability of contextualized sidebar for dynamically modifying what is visible.
  • There is an advanced comment section compared to the standard one present in WordPress.
  • There is a creator of the contact form that allows you to easily and quickly add forms to your website.

Auto Optimize

Auto Optimize acts as a great plugin for improving web uploading speeds. It is responsible for aggregating scripts, deleting cache, and optimizing your database. It tends to reduce the loading time of your website by 30%. Auto Optimize is also easy and free to use. You don’t need any advanced knowledge about web optimization for using it.


The Hummingbird plugin scans your website, locate what is lagging it, and recommend one-click solutions ranging from:

Caching: It offers a complete caching suite for loading pages quickly with tools exclusively designed for handling pages, browser caching, and Gravatar images.

Asset Optimization: It customizes the loading position of your files, reorders, compresses, combines, and minify files for excellent performance.

Gzip Optimization: Stylesheet transfer, increased HTML, and JavaScript.

Asset CleanUp – Page Speed Booster

The Asset CleanUp is one of the most popular plugins among users. It solves problems by scanning every page and also detecting all the loading assets. We advise you to pick the CSS/JS codes when you edit a page or post necessary to load. It reduces the bloat. Soon, your site can:

  • Reduce the number of loaded HTTP requests by unloading the useless CSS/JS. It is crucial for a quicker page load.
  • It combines or minifies the remaining loaded files of CSS/JavaScript.
  • It decreases the HTML code present on the actual page.
  • You can attain better score performances if you start to test your URL on sites like Pingdom Website Speed Test, GTmetrix, and PageSpeed Insights.

Final Thoughts

Search engines such as Google tends to stress a lot on mobile-optimized sites. If you possess a WordPress site, then you have access to multiple plugins. You can use them for optimizing your site for tablets and smartphones. You don’t need advanced technical knowledge for using these plugins. From the plugins present above, you can select any of them for a truly amazing user experience.