Work we’ve recently done at Blue Whale Media

Work we’ve recently done at Blue Whale Media

At this time of year, the Blue Whale Media office is a hive of activity. As well as creating websites, logos, writing content, etc. for clients, we are also planning our Christmas content marketing for our own website.

Creating seasonal website content or campaigns is highly important to connect with your audience, especially when you’re providing a service. Here’s what our content writing team has been up to over the last month:

Big content rewrites for websites being built 

When a website is being built, our content writing team aims to rewrite the content to enhance the website so it can rank on google and be engaging for visitors.  

It is an essential part of a website for it to be effective in engaging and persuading visitors to buy a product or service, or even contact the brand. Reviewing every page of content, and rewriting as needed, helps to enhance the structure, usability, and branding needs of a website. If you want your audience to find your website your content needs to be carefully crafted with SEO keywords relevant to your business and industry.

Content that enhances SEO and website readability 

We know we bang on about how keywords are important, but if you’ve thrown some into your content then they won’t be effective. Our content team at Blue Whale Media is always doing keyword research around what web users are searching for, especially when rewriting content for a website. In order for a website to readable, the content needs to make sense and be interesting to the target audience. If the content doesn’t make sense to your audience then they aren’t likely to stay on your website or even purchase a product or service.

Christmas content marketing for our own website 

Will your audience have an appetite for Christmas content than usual over the festive period? At Blue Whale Media, we definitely think this is the case, from November onwards we are planning our content marketing campaigns for the festive season. So that you have something new and interesting on your website, we recommend updating your content whether that be text, image, sliders, or videos. For example, on our website, we have put new image sliders on our website showcasing our exclusive Christmas offers and new meet the team images with a festive theme.

Calls to Christmas Action

The need for clear calls for action is very important at any time, but especially at Christmas. This is due to the sheer number of marketing tactics, advertisements and offers around on the internet. You want your customers to be interested in purchasing from you, not your competitors. At Blue Whale Media, we are updating our website content and including a festive call to action for each offer we advertise on our website. This is important because audiences will be looking for a ‘buy now’ or a ‘contact us for this offer’ in order to be motivated to make a purchase.

In the service of more conversions and store revenues, the web design has to be on-point, too. This applies across the whole year not just at Christmas, however, this is the perfect time to rewrite your content for SEO and to market your business for the festive season. 

If you would like to hear more about our festive marketing or website content rewrites please get in touch with Blue Whale Media.