How to write an article in 20 minutes

Writing to a deadline teaches you a few things. Writing quickly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Some of my best ideas have come from jotting down notes about a topic in the heat of the moment.

I’ve got a few tips to get you in and out of the thinking process in as little time as possible.

Keep a notebook of ideas

When inspiration strikes, make sure you have a notepad so you can scribble it down. For many writers and bloggers, finding the topic takes up half the time. By keeping an idealist, you can leap into a new article or blog and be instantly ready to write.

Don’t force writing

Murphy’s law dictates that if you try to force yourself to come up with supporting information, it won’t happen. The trick is to take that pressure off your shoulders. Start your research early, collating information and data over some time will enable you to be ready to write an article or blog quickly without searching for extra information.

Focus on one idea at a time

It is easy to get sidetracked on a topic because you have been brainstorming so many ideas around one theme. Try to cut out any supporting ideas that don’t relate to the main topic of your article. Some ideas will be better when you work on them straight away. It is tempting when you look at an idea and want to save it for later because it’s easy to write. Write the articles that you know will come easily now and make the most of the ideas and time.

Keep it short and simple

If you want an article or blog to be finished in 20 minutes, it may be best to keep it under 500 words in length. Make every word count and this will save you time and save your quantity from slipping. Techniques slike bullet points and headings will not only keep the writing process simple, but the content will be clear of any unnecessary clutter. It also makes the article or blog easier on the eye of the reader and generally quicker for you to write.


When you start writing an article or blog, you will probably have twice as many ideas then you need. Unfortunately, it’s time to be brutal, cut out the ideas or material that doesn’t fit with the topic. When you’ve got ideas for an article, I know you’ll want to get them down on paper instantly, but try to organise your thoughts and ideas before you start writing. Remember, you are trying to write a blog or article in as little time as possible, plus you can always save ideas for next time.


When it comes to editing, you will need a conservative hat on. Your first task of editing should be to rework your writing once and make sure it reads well and the content flows properly. You can always split the text into smaller paragraphs and restructure your article or blog, making it easier to read. Due to writing at speed, you may want to fix any grammar or spelling mistakes, but there are applications online like Grammarly to save you time and help with editing.

Obviously, some pieces require more time and every writer is different; some enjoy writing quickly and some enjoy writing slowly.

I’m not suggesting that you publish an article or blog that is less than excellent in 20 minutes, it’s better to have a good quality article.