How to write an awesome blog post in 5 simple steps!

How To Write An Awesome Blog Post In 5 Steps

Blogs are a crucial part of the larger content marketing revolution; for good reason too: websites with blogs receive significantly more traffic than those without them. But writing a blog can, at times, feel daunting. Overall a little structure for a blog can go a long way. With a little practice and some research, it won’t take you long to join other great bloggers. Depending on the focus of your blog and personality, your approach will always be slightly different.

At Blue Whale Media, our content writing team has aimed to show you the simple steps to easily write a blog that people will read.

Step one: Planning

The entire process of creating and writing a blog post often takes more than an hour, even if you can type quickly. It’s important to spend the vital time planning your post and even thinking about your post before you actually write it. People sometimes overload the planning process, but researching and planning will save you time further down the line as well as help you develop good blogging habits. 

Step two: Write a great headline

There are two main approaches you can take to writing blog post headlines. 

  1. You can either decide on your final headline before you write the rest of your blog post. 
  2. You can write your blog post with a working title and see what fits when your done. 

Sometimes you’ll be able to come up with a strong headline from the outset and stick with it, however other posts will take a lot more work. 

Step three: Write the content

Again, there are two main approaches to writing a blog post. 

  1. You can either sit down and write an entire draft in a single sitting. 
  2. You can chip away at it gradually over time. 

There is no right or wrong answer, just what works best for you. Like most skills, writing becomes easier and more natural the more you do it. 

Step four: Use images effectively

One of the most important reasons to include images in your blog posts is to break up the text. A picture is worth a thousand words. Many people scan blog posts rather than pore over every word and interspersing images throughout the copy will make your post seem less intimidating and more visually appealing. Moreover, if you have high quality and optimised images, your images could rank first when people perform a Google image search.

Step five: Editing & proofreading

You want your content to shine and to be the absolute best that it can be, after all, it is a reflection of you and your business. Here are some self-editing tips and suggestions on how to edit a blog so it packs a punch. 

  • Avoid repetition 
  • Read a blog aloud to check the flow 
  • Have someone else read your work 
  • Keep sentences short and paragraphs shorter 
  • Accept that your blog post will never be perfect 
  • Don’t be afraid to make cuts or adapt on the fly 

Following this process every time you publish and you’ll struggle a lot less with coming up with great website content. Blogging is one of the jobs that may seem easy until you have to do it. But, it is great and can help you build brand awareness as well as making you an expert in your industry. 

If you would like more information about blogging or are interested in our blog writing service, please contact Blue Whale Media today!