How To Write a Compelling Instagram Caption

How To Write a Compelling Instagram Caption

As we all know Instagram is predominately a photosharing platform with many additional functions including; direct messages, link sharing, profile building and many other elements. The human brain is stimulated by colourful graphics and engaging videos which is why the success of Instagram has not only risen but sustained through time. 

Although the graphic element is vital to get right, every Instagram post needs to have the perfect caption to go with it. Never know what to write? Well stay tuned and I’ll be talking about what to include in your captions to make your Instagram post POP!

Capture their attention in the first sentence!

As we know Instagram is a tease, they only show around two lines of text before you have to activate the “read more” button to see the rest of your well-crafted caption. This is why you need to make sure that your first line really grips your reader. Why not include a question? Or a compelling call to action? You want to make sure the first line pushes the reader to want to engage more with your content and click the read more button.

Include a call to action

Each one of your posts should have a goal or an intention. Whether it’s to get your viewers to see your new product or to educate/give advice about something. A marketers key job is to get people from A to B. This means to get people to see your new product launch on your social media and then drive them to head over to the website where you can find the product in the hopes this will convert them into their new customers. But the key way to do this would be to include a call to action. Your audience sometimes needs a gentle push in the right direction. “Head over to our website” or “Send us a DM” This is also a way to work around Instagram’s algorithm, which looks at engagement as a metric to serve your posts to followers.

Just be YOU

People like to interact with people, no one wants to interact with a robot. You should write as you speak to make your captions sound more friendly and engaging to your followers. People appreciate genuine voices and real emotion, it can really humanise you as a company. When typing as a real person it can really help you to improve your customer relationship. Which is a great way to increase customer retention which will overall improve sales.

Overall, when it comes to Instagram captions keep it: short, relevant and fun! Try including some emojis or fun buzz words in your captions to keep it light. Constantly selling to your audience can become a bit overwhelming and can put people off so make sure you remember who your audience is and how you can appeal to them. Don’t forget to mix up the content and write with intention.

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