Top Tips For Writing Compelling Marketing Emails

Email marketing has evolved over the past few years and it can be easy to get carried away with overly edited and produced marketing content. However, a well written and edited text email can often be overlooked and undermined by more visually appealing and eye-catching mail chimp. An expertly edited text email can often strike a more intimate cord with your customers and show a more personable side of your business. No matter how visually appealing your email marketing campaign is, it is utterly redundant if the content that fills it is below standard.

We’ve listed some simple and easy ways that you can update your email marketing to better represent your business stance and connect with your target audience.

Personalise whenever possible

Although it is not uncommon for large businesses to schedule and design mass blanket emails that are sent to all of their clients, adding the personal touch can set you apart from the rest. A potential customer is often less likely to even open an email that is not addressed to them. Recent research suggests that up to 36% of business revenue is driven by emails that are sent to specific and strategic clients.

Talk about benefits, not features

Email marketing revolves around convincing your audience to choose your business over your competitors. To be successful, it is important to know the value of your company and to illustrate your worth to your target audience. To stand out from the competition and to connect with your consumers, list the benefits that they will receive over the features of your company. This allows your customers to better identify with your service or product and ultimately drive higher sales.

Use actionable language and calls to action

Your call to action must be easy to spot amongst the other content within your marketing email. People tend to scan through emails, so you need the important parts to stand out and be eye-catching. This is where great design and well-written copy combine to lead a customer to your desired outcome. Avoiding passive voice and ensuring that your content is direct and focused will guarantee that your email marketing will see a higher ROI.

Keep it brief

Although it can be difficult to get your whole story across in one small email, try to avoid writing an essay. Statistics and studies have shown that consumers often scan text in an ‘F’ formation, so structure your content to match this. Try to avoid a tonne of fluff and unnecessary writing. If you stick to the relevant information that will entice your customers to seek your business.


Although social media marketing seems to have overtaken traditional email marketing as the dominant way to reach out to your clients. However, by spending time on crafting and writing the perfect copy, you may find that your ROI on email marketing increases.

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