Creating trustworthy and convincing content

It’s important to ensure that the content that you create for your website is appealing to your intended audience. Without intriguing and dynamic content, your website will fall flat and fail to entice people to read past the headline. Below are a few important ways to create more trustworthy and convincing content.

Grab your audience’s attention

There’s no point in spending your time creating amazing content if it’s not engaging! You have to draw your audience in. There are thousands upon thousands of other pieces of content that are vying for your audience’s attention, so you need to start out and catch their eye.

A simple way to do this is to use great headlines and subtitles. By ensuring that your headings are eye-catching and distinct, you are guaranteed to entice more people to carry on reading. You can use your primary keyword in your headings to keep them relevant and significant to your content. By using your keyword, you are guiding your content in the right direction and helping to keep it concise.

Ditch the jargon

It’s inevitable that you may need to apply a more technical and specialized language to your content, dependant on the kind of industry you work in. A small amount of jargon is necessary to make your content legitimate and seem genuine. Research has shown that audiences are turned off by content that is overstuffed with buzzwords and jargon. Of course, a small amount of jargon is needed, but just be weary to only include the fundamentals.

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

The more you say something, the truer it is, right? Well, research has suggested that that isn’t far from the truth. Audiences have been found to trust content that repeats key statements. Research has found that readers consistently have more faith in repeated statements and concepts.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that your text should be monotonous and tedious to read. Keep your content compelling with synonyms and different adjectives.

Explain why

When you’ve spent so much time researching and developing your content, you don’t want it to fall flat at the last hurdle. If you make a claim, or a statement, you should present the evidence you have to back it up. If you claim to be the best, use customer reviews to back yourself up! The proof is in the pudding; if you have great customer feedback, then your business will be perceived as great.

Paint a picture

Remember, with every piece of content, you’re telling the reader a story. It may be a story about the importance of SEO in your website content, but it’s a story nonetheless! As we’ve said before, your content needs to be engaging, interesting and have a clear and concise direction and goal. Remember, you are trying to influence that the reader thinks about a particular subject or project, so try not to go off on a tangent. Be convincing by being concise and authentic to your brand’s mission.


To conclude, you can create engaging and convincing content by utilizing a few simple stylistic choices and by using your positive customer feedback to your advantage. Cutting back on unnecessary jargon and backing up every claim you make are sure ways to help your content succeed.

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