Why Yoast is the best WordPress plugin for SEO.

Yoast: The Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is the most convenient and accessible WordPress plugin to improve your website’s search engine optimisation. The traffic in SEO is turning into a big competition. You would want to make sure that your website is understood and easily found by the people – which is why you should hire a local agency for the best SEO in Chester.

Maintaining the pages and sites sounds like it needs help from the professionals. From optimization of keywords, updating contents, canonical URLs, interlinking, readability check to all necessities. This tool keeps a check on it all. Don’t let these tasks intimidate you.

With Yoast SEO, you can create and maintain your website the best way possible. This tool will assist you with simple steps in the creation of your pages and contents. 

Available Versions

Yoast brings you two wonder-working versions, the free version, and the premium Yoast SEO.

You can download either of the two depending on your needs and requirements.

Benefits and features of this powerful plugin

  1. The free version will allow you to enter and choose one keyword or keyphrase to build the rank of your page or post in the search result. It gives a check on your content and makes sure that you are using the keywords enough for the appropriate places.

With Yoast SEO Premium, you can enter more than one keyword and keyphrase. And the optimization of related keyboards will reach out to a broader audience.

  1. Both versions give you the freedom to write the posts in your style as it works in both the classic editor and the black editor.
  2. This tool helps you set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content in the Google search. In this way, you can place the right content under the correct URL.
  3. In the free version, you can only preview your link in google. But as for the premium, it includes Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.
  4. It reminds you to update your important pages by checking if they have not been maintained or outdated for six months.
  5. With Flesch Reading Ease Score, it examines and calculates the readability of your write-ups. This will prevent your posts from containing unnecessary writings and boring content. 
  6. By adding schema.org on your page, Yoast SEO introduces your website or page with all details. Most of them provide bare information, and Google ends up doing all the maximum tasks.

Here, Yoast takes pride in offering all required data and even social profiles of your page, which you would want Google, and other platforms like Pinterest to know.  

  1. It helps you manage breadcrumbs to avoid confusion by setting a primary category of any post and determining your WordPress pages’ taxonomy.
  2. Yoast SEO takes control of all the technical related issue. But it also allows you to edit robots.txt, and .htaccess files, clean URLs, and update sitemaps.

Extra advanced functionalities of Yoast SEO Premium

  • Content insights. This keeps a check on whether your most used words and phrases are ranking in Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
  • Redirect Manager to redirect the old URLs of the deleted posts or pages to new and updated ones. 
  • Internal linking suggestions. As you write, this feature automatically suggests you links related to other posts.
  • Focus Keyword Export. You can download the overview of the previously used data like keywords, title, URL, or readability score as a CSV file. This will help you optimize your next target easily.
  • The upgrade from the free version to premium will give you access to one full year with 24/7 help and support. You can ask any related queries through the mail. This service is available with renewal too.
  • An extra highlight of upgrading to premium is that your WordPress plugin would be Ad-free.


You are aware that to create a search-engine friendly content requires more than just coming up with a post. To remove this hassle, Yoast SEO introduces you to features and functions like no other tool.

With the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, you will have more visitors on your websites from Google, Bing, etc. Their assistance will guide you to keep your readers engaged and attract social media attention.