Your business can thrive online with a dedicated SEO marketing strategy

How Your Business Can Thrive Online With SEO

Having your website ranking on search engines is an important task for any business. Your business website should always be visible to people that are actively searching for your products or services. Whilst you can instantly get yourself to the top with a pay-per-click campaign, this can prove very costly won’t have the same results as SEO. In fact, studies have shown that organic users are 10 times more likely to convert than paid users. In this blog, I will outline how you business can thrive online with a dedicated SEO marketing strategy.

More Traffic

The first benefit of SEO is the most obvious: more website traffic. With more users on your website the general idea is you will also have more conversions. The key to this however is to ensure you are ranking for the right keywords and with the right pages. For example, if you are an eCommerce website selling phones, there’s no point in trying to rank your latest blog post. Instead, you’ll want to get your products and product categories ranking. You will also want to focus on keywords with a clear buying-intent. For example: if you are selling iPhones your best keyword will be [buy iPhones] or [iPhones for sale]. Anyone searching these keywords are clearly looking to purchase an iPhone – so your increased traffic will result in far more conversions compared to ranking for keywords like “what is the newest iPhone?” for example.

Brand Visibility

SEO doesn’t have to always be about increasing traffic. By ensuring your website is ranking high for important keywords you are also increasing brand visibility. Let’s say in our own website’s case, someone searches for “web design Liverpool”. Our landing page will rank around the top 3 for this result – even if the user doesn’t click our snippet, they still have the chance to see our website and then associate Blue Whale Media with website design services. They might come back to our website later, perhaps through a branded search or even as direct traffic.

Creates Trust

An additional point of brand visibility in search results is how it can create trust. It’s a known fact that consumers will regularly check whether a business has a good online presence before buying anything from the business, or search online before buying a product. For example, many people will check whether a business has social media pages, and in the opposite case if a user finds your business through social media they will then check whether the business has a good website. The last thing you want is for a user to search for your company and your website doesn’t even show up! It’s 2021, having a business without a website these days will paint your brand in a bad image – and if your website doesn’t show up in Google, then you may as well have no website.