How to expand your YouTube ad reach

I have a lot of predictions for the future. 90% of them revolve around the Internet. One of my predictions is that we will all live in a virtual world consuming content all day.

How is this relevant? Because I am passionate about the content side of my prediction coming true. The Internet will become saturated with content, even more than it already is. Especially video. Video content is going to take over from pictures and written content. According to a Cisco study, by 2021 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be video.

What is YouTube reach?

“Reach” on YouTube shows you how many people have seen and interacted with your video or advertisement. However, it shows you a little more information than this. The information shown from Reach includes:

  • Impressions. Impressions will show you how many people saw the thumbnail to your video/how many impressions it made.
  • Source of Impressions. This will show you whereabouts on YouTube your thumbnail was shown to prospects.
  • Click Through Rate. Your click-through rate will show you how many people clicked on your video.
  • Unique Viewers. Unique Viewers will show you an estimate of how many people watched your video.

Benefits of reach

Now that we have covered what reach is, how can you benefit from it? To start, you can use the information provided to see weak points in your campaign and improve them. A slight change in demographics could give you the results that you’ve been waiting for. On the other hand, you can use the information given to identify strong points in your strategy. You might want to do this so that you can implement those strong areas into other campaigns or possibly triple down on them and put more energy into your campaigns strengths.

Search Terms

We’ve all searched something on Google before. Have you ever made a search on Google, then seen a video on YouTube that relates to the topic that you searched for? This is because of custom intent audiences. Custom intent audiences use broad match search terms that have been searched for on Google.

Relevant Strategy

Using a relevant strategy is important if you want to run a successful campaign. If you want to attract more subscribers, then it wouldn’t be the best idea to run a sales campaign. Set up a different marketing campaign for different goals.

Here are some examples. If your goals are to grow your subscriber base then you may want to remarket your video ads. This will show your videos to people who’ve seen your previous videos but aren’t subscribed. If your goal is to sell products then you may want to take advantage of cards. Cards are a small popup on your video to show related products from the video you’re watching. On the other hand of a relevant strategy, following trends is a good idea. Trends are always shifting, however when they shift they gain a lot of traction. Following certain trends will be beneficial to your business. As long as you don’t lose sight of what your business represents. Follow trends that fit with your business.


To conclude, you should defiantly take advantage of YouTube analytics. It is a great tool with an abundance of information to allow you to identify strong or weak points in your campaigns/channel. Call 01925 552 050 today for all of your marketing needs. Please select a valid form.