Proven ways of making your video appear first on YouTube

Articles and blogs are not the only things that get posted online. Videos, be it tutorials on how to do things, speeches, sermons, music and other entertainment videos are also a huge part of online content. Therefore, they also need to be optimized for the purpose of making them visible by search engines. First things first, it is helpful to know that video SEO is not similar to the SEO done on other web contents. Use of videos to do marketing has become very popular thanks to cameras, especially mobile phone cameras which people use to record at any time since they are very portable. There are several initiatives that one can take to help their videos rank better and SEO Warrington can help you with that.

The first step is usually choosing a video platform to post the video. Depending on what you want with it, you may opt for a platform that either brings more traffic to your site, or you can go for one that mainly focuses on brand awareness, like Youtube and Vimeo. With the latter platforms, most of the traffic goes to them rather than the individual videos thus are not very suitable in video promotion.

According to SEO Warrington, adding a video transcript to go with the video is another perfect way to go in ensuring that your video ranks up there. A transcript is a text caption that goes along with the video. It helps with search engine optimization because the text is more indexable and search bots are able to recognize and rank videos better when accompanied by one.

Having an accurate and appealing thumbnail image can do wonders in helping your video get more clicks. A thumbnail image is the tiny image icon that appears together with the video title after a Google search. As it is often said that a picture speaks more than 1000 words, it could not be truer in this case. Searchers are always on the lookout to see whether the image is relevant to what they are searching for and if it is, the site gets more clicks.

Just as with articles and blog posts in SEO Warrington, the title and meta description is very important in optimizing and ranking videos. The seriousness of coming up with catchy and appealing titles should not be compromised in video SEO and therefore searching for popular keywords to include in the title should be made a priority.

With all the effort to optimize your video with great titles and eye-catching thumbnail images, all that is in vain if the content is not good. Take, for example, a book with a great title and alluring cover. Many people may go for it without realizing that what is contained in its pages is nothing short of awful. This should not be the case with your videos. After all, the content is what searchers are interested in and its’ quality should not be compromised at the expense of trying too hard to rank better in search engine results.

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