2018 Typography Trends for Websites

In order for a website to succeed, it has to gain the right traction. However, in order to get the attention of many readers across the world, there are many things that must be taken into consideration. One of these things includes the typography of your web design.

In web designing, the typography must match the theme or the content of the website. Years ago, it was difficult to integrate typography design into the website, and only a few browsers supported it. However, with the recent changes in technology, you can now better express creativity with various typography designs that match whatever branding you have.

If you need help integrating creative typography designs, you can always ask for help from Warrington SEO and design services. If you have time, you can also create your own typography design that aligns with the newest trends by keeping the following tips in mind.

Bold hero fonts that catches the eye

Before, the most used type of text for the main web design element is a text that is big and condensed—usually it is also embolden and comes in a somewhat ‘dramatic’ font. This 2018, the trend is replaced by a bold headline over hero images or even videos that are usually linked to messages or a known brand name.

The advantage of using this typography trend is that it becomes the text that catches the reader’s attention and the site’s design if you want to integrate it to your site, Warrington SEO and web design services

can help.

Serifs make its comeback

For most people who are already doing web design, serif is somewhat an old-school style, but today it climbs its way back to the top because of its classic appeal. With a bold serif font integrated to your site, you can also catch the user’s eye better.

The use of pictures, emojis and icons to style your text

Aside from the usual underlines and italics with different weights that are considered as a typical way to decorate a text, the latest trend now includes integrating emojis, pictograms, and icons in order to create a creative design that is also made for semantic purposes. There is a single goal as to why this kind of typography is integrated—that is, to make a more dynamic kind of text.

Make a way for monospace

Monospace cannot be only used in smaller fonts as it proves to be a great element for the design of a website. Monospace works really great and harmonises well with the brutalist trend for a site’s design.

Make a creative design with the combination of horizontal and vertical texts

Integrating horizontal and vertical texts is also trendy as it becomes the solution to breaking the usual blocks of text without ruining the overall web design. With horizontal and vertical text, it creates a different look for the website and breaks the usual scene of seeing an all horizontal text on the site. For web design services make sure to contact the Warrington SEO Agency!

What type of typography trends do you want for your website?

Trends in making a creative website differs from time to time; however, integrating them into a website requires careful consideration as it can make or break your overall web design. Before using the typography trends, you must plan what you want to incorporate into your site in order to create an effective web design. If you want help for your website, you can always ask for help form Warrington SEO, web design services, and other digital marketing experts.

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