Why 301 Redirects Are Important When You’re Rebuilding Your Website

Modern business owners are aware of the benefits of a website that delivers results. A modern, professional, cleanly coded, fast loading website can do wonders for your business. The market today is digital. The Warrington web design team believe your website is much more than an online business card. It’s your virtual store, brand ambassador, customer service line, and your most effective sales tool.

Today, businesses put in a lot of time, effort and investment in their website, which underpins their importance. Ecommerce is here to stay, and the importance of good business website holds significance today more than ever before.You’ll want to restructure, rebuild or redesign your website to stay relevant, and ahead of the competition. That’s the way forward. And it’s a complicated process that calls for you to be proactive.

With so much at stake, don’t forget to ignore a very simple yet crucial aspect of website rebuilding – 301 redirects. As a Warrington web design company, we help you stay relevant without leaving any stone unturned.

What Is 301 Redirect? The Warrington Web Design Team Explains

Keep track of the most popular products on your online store and project them prominently on the homepage. You can even display related products. Ensure your customers don’t have to search for the products they want to buy.

Why Are 301 Redirects Important?

When there’s a change in the location of a page on your website, in the absence of a 301 direct, your visitors or the search engines will reach nowhere. They will likely get a 404 error message announcing that the page couldn’t be found.

When search engines follow a link only to reach a 404 page, it will affect your search engine rankings. This in turn will affect the organic traffic to your website. This is akin to relocating your business to another office without informing your customers. It is highly likely that this will upset or confuse them, and possibly they may end up going to your competition. The traffic and search engine visibility of your website will vanish when you transition without implementing 301 redirects. Having proper 301 redirects helps maintain the visibility and traffic to your website.

At Blue Whale Media, as a professional Warrington web design company, we implement 301 redirects for every website we are rebuilding. In fact, this is an essential part of our initial consultation with you. Remember, if your Warrington web design company does not discuss 301 redirects, avoid hiring them.Considering a website rebuild? Our expert web design team can help. Contact us on 01925 552050 now for a free consultation.

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