4 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Is So Effective

As a web design Warrington agency, we understand how important digital marketing is for your online presence and Facebook is just one social media platform that can help you get the results you want. With more than one billion people active on Facebook, it’s a number one spot for finding potential customers. Here are some reasons why Facebook Marketing is a great option for your business.

Reach Your Target Audience 

As stated before Facebook has over one billion active users, which is great but you don’t necessarily need them all to connect with you on Facebook. This is where Facebook adverts come into play as they allow you to boost your post out to a selective audience. You can control the audience by selecting the gender, age, location and interests. Targeting the right people cannot only save you time but money as well! This works especially well if you’re a local business and you aim your ads to an audience within a specific radius. For example as a web design Warrington agency, we would focus our attention on the Warrington and North West region.

Monitor With Facebook Insights 

Just like Google Analytics, Facebook has its own version to help you monitor and evaluate the success of your business page. Facebook Insights has everything a business owner needs and most importantly, it is easy to understand and learn from. They include a variety of insights including the number of pages likes, post reach, post engagement, post performance and demographics. By having the online insights, it means you can evaluate what worked best and what needs improving.

Build Brand Loyalty  

Building up your reputation can be a drawn-out process but with Facebook, you can build brand loyalty consistently. By using Facebook to post regularly and be responsive it means they are more likely to take interest in your services and what your company is doing. A poorly run Facebook page will lose people’s interest and then lose you presence online. In addition to this, it isn’t just about constantly overloading people with how great you are and what you do, it can be about getting your name out there by interacting with people. Maybe sharing someone else’s post or posting about relevant news can gain you new likes as well.

Grow Web Traffic

As you can tell by now Facebook is a top social media platform and it can even help you drive traffic to your website. When creating a post on Facebook, why not add a link to pages on your website that relate to the service? When you add a link in the post, Facebook automatically creates a thumbnail image which can create a nice visual and attract more attention as a large image is something people would usually click in. Linking to the Facebook ads mentioned previously, Facebook also allows you to promote your website which involves you setting up the audience and including the link to your URL.

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Hopefully you’ll be able to see the potential Facebook has for your business. If you haven’t got a Facebook business page already, we suggest creating one now or even better getting our expert team to set one up for you! We also offer services to publish regular and intriguing content to your Facebook page to really boost your online presence.

Join the one billion Facebook users today by contacting our web design Warrington agency on 01925 552050. To see what we’re up to on Facebook, head over to our page now at https://www.facebook.com/Bluewhalemedia.co.uk/

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